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If a license is suspended in New Jersey can you get a license in Wisconsin?

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Probably not. Most states computers talk to each other. There is also something called an interstate "compact" which allows states to share information about reckless and impaired drivers, preventing them from just going to another state for a license. If you misrepresent yourself to get another license, and the state ever finds out about it, you could be arrested for fraud as well as facing the other issues that originally suspended your license. It can get ugly.

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Can you get a driver's license in Pennsylvania if it is suspended in New Jersey?

You cannot have more than one license at a time. And a suspended license is still a license.

What state can you get a driver license in if you are suspended in Arizona?

New Jersey

How many points can you get on your license in New Jersey before your license is suspended or revoked?

12 points

Can you get a license in another state if your license is suspended in new jersey?

No, you can only be licensed in the state of which you are a legal resident.

If you have a suspended New Jersey drivers license. Can you get a Georgia drivers license?

Not likely. If you have a pending matter in Jersey, then you should bust a move and get your new license in another state BEFORE the Jersey court enters the suspension order.

If you had your New Jersey license suspended for a moving violation 7 years ago will you be able to get a Georgia license?

no you can't

Will your license be suspended in New Jersey if you don't pay your speeding ticket?

yes it happen to me

Can you get drivers license in Georgia if your license are suspended in NJ?

No, not until you've met the conditions for the reinstatement of your licence in New Jersey.

Can you get a license in Florida if its suspended in New Jersey?

No, there is a national registry of license suspensions and revocations, and even filing an application while suspended could result in revocation and additional fines.

If you have a suspended or revoked driver's license in California can you get a driver's license in New Jersey?

Possibly as NJ Has the best politicians Money can buy.

Can you get an Arizona license if your New Jersey license is suspended?

You are only able to get a license in your state of residence. If you have moved, you may be able to get a license, depending on the laws and reason for the suspension.

Can i get a drivers license in NC if I am suspended in NJ?

You can only hold a license in one state at a time. You currently have one in New Jersey and will not be able to get a license in North Carolina.

Can you move to Florida and still get a drivers license if suspended in New Jersey?

No. In the US, states have agreed to communicate and cooperate with each other with regard to driving and licensing issues. If your NJ license is suspended, you will need to get it reinstated before you can get a FL license.

If your driver license is suspended in Florida can you get a license in New York?


If your driver license are suspended in Texas can you get a license in New Mexico?


Can you drive a motorcycle in New Jersey with a New Jersey automobile license?

No, you need a motorcycle license

Can you get a drivers license in Ohio if your New York license is suspended?

Not legally.

Your drivers license is suspended what state can you move to to get a new license?


Suspended license in one state can you get a new license in another state?


Can you get a license in pa with a suspended license in New Jersey?

Nope. States share information between themselves on those who licenses have been suspended. You are suspended from driving ... period ... until your suspension ends. Driving is a privilege - it is not a right. Respect your privileges by heeding all motor vehicle laws rules and regulations.

Do you need a license for pepper spray in New Jersey?

You do not need to have a license to carry pepper spray in New Jersey.

Do suspended licenses transfer state to state?

Most states check on previous licenses when a new license is applied for. If a license is suspended in another state, it is unlikely a new license will be issued in another.

What happens when you have a new york drivers license but have your driving privilege suspended in NJ and then get caught driving in NJ?

Regardless of whether New York chooses to honor New Jersey's court decisions or not, you are STILL suspended in New Jersey, and you will be fined or jailed depending on the decision of the judge.

Do you need a driver license to get auto insurance in new jersey?

do you need a license ti insure a vehicle in new jersey

Do you need a license to be a dog groomer in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin does not require a groomer to be licensed. Illinois does. New York does not require license.

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