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What you are looking at is a two pole 100 amp breaker. Distribution panels in North America are designed to use 120/240 volts. Any two adjacent breakers will give you a 240 volt circuit and either leg to the neutral will give you 120 volts.

On the main breaker of a panel the number stated on the breaker is the amount of amperage that the breaker will allow to pass before tripping regardless of which leg the current passes through.

A 200 amp service will have a two pole main breaker with a rating stating its capacity of 200 amps.

Wire size into the breaker will give you a good clue as 100 amp breakers will use a #3 conductor whereas a 200 amp breaker will be fed with a 3/0 conductor.

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No it does not mean you have a 200 amp service. you should / could possibly have a "main" breaker. That breaker size is your service size.

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Q: If a main has two 100A circuits does that mean it is 200A service?
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What gauge wire is required for a 100A sub panel 84 feet from 200A main service?

NEC 310.16 #3 Thhn Copper

What gauge wire is required for a 200A sub panel off of a 200A main service?

In copper 2/0 (2 Ought)

How much does it cost to move an electricity meter?

The meter is typically installed in the main circuit panel of the house. If you want to move it, you can do it as part of a service / panel upgrade. We did this when we moved into our new house - we replaced the 1950s vintage main circuit panel and 100A service with a newer 200A panel and service. It was about a grand, but we didn't actually move the panel from where it was, so it may cost more for what you want.

What gauge wire is required for a 100A sub panel off of a 200A main service?

4 gauge AWG copper minimum. Use this: found this invaluable when wiring our outbuildings. This one puts out the wire size:

What size pipe and size aluminum wire are required for a 100A sub panel off a 200A main service?

A #1 aluminum wire with a insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 105 amps. Three #1 wires can be installed into an 1 1/2" conduit.

What cause the Main Breaker trips when I start a 30KW 3-phase Motor(Star Delt Starter)?

The wiring is like this:[[30KW Motor ---- Star Delt Starter(100A Breaker inside) ----- 200A Breaker------50A Breaker(Inside the breaker box which located inside the factory) -----100A Main Breaker]]Once I try to start the Motor, the Main Breaker trips immediately.

If a home has 100A service and the main's fused at 100A each can the total of the circuit breakers inside the service panel exceed 100A?

Yes. Five 20 amp breakers would be 100 amps. It doesn't work that way. The load placed on this box at any given time cannot exceed 100 amps. You can put as many breakers as it will hold.

Did one leg of your 1950's 100A main breaker fry because it was overloaded by too many dedicated circuits?

You answered your own question. Call a pro, your life could depend on it!

Can a 200A 240V house panel be fed by number 2 conductors from a service entrance meter panel with 200A main breaker?

Absolutely not. #2awg conductors are only good for about 100 amps depending on Cu or al. see nec table 310-16.

Can you change 100 amp service to 200 amp service?

Home owner big jobYes but none of the equipment from the 100 amp service can be reused, it will be a total rebuild. It is a complicated job in as much as you have to know wire sizes, ampacity of wires and proper electrical workmanship. Such a project should be left to a licensed electrical contractor to take out the proper permits and call for proper inspections. By taking this route it will leave you confident that if any mishaps happen to the installation down the road your insurance company will be behind you 100%.Some 200A upgrades can be accomplished simply by making the existing service panel a subpanel of a new 200A main panel and adding as many more 100A subpanels as you may need in your installation. It is not very difficult but requires a licensed electrician to deal with the power-grid side of the connections to the new 200A drop.

Is there a good formula to use when calculating a load for an 8-suite apartment building if the existing service is 200a and the landlord wants to upgrade each suite to a 100A main?

== == == == Multi-unit load calculation Use NEC Annex D.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

Can you replace a 60amp box with a 100amp box if you swap the main breaker from 100 amp to 60 amp?

You would have to ensure that the service entrance cable can support 100A. Depending where you are located, you should inquire of your electricity provider if you are equipped for 100A. It may also require a meter change out.

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