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If you are referring to a man you are dating, yes. Leave him at light speed, especially if your daughter (or son) is under 18.

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Q: If a man flirts with your daughter should you leave him?
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Should you stay with your man or leave if you know he cheats on you but he treats you very well and you have a daughter together?

If your man treats you well and is a good father to your daughter and the sex is good and you get enough sex with him, I would say stay with him.

What to do when a women flirts with your man in front of you and he denys it but always going to talk to them.?

Chill. It's not the end of the world. He can't help it if someone flirts with him. Girl, don't flip your wig. If he flirts back leave him there flirting. When he comes home later have his stuff on the front porch, and tell him to out of your house!

What to dowhen your man say he love you and then flirts with another girl then flirts with another in your face what do i do?

Say Bye Bye Birdie!

What is the name of a man who flirts?

Plain & Simple ? He's a FLIRT !

Should you leave if your man lies to you?

Ya girlfriend find a better man

What should you do if you walk in on your wife with another man?

leave her or join them.

What should you call your sister-in-law's daughter?

Your sister-in-law's daughter is your niece. You are her Aunt (if you are a woman) or her uncle (if you are a man).

What do you call a man who hits his wife girlfriend or daughter?

A monster! who should be arrested!!

What should you do if you and your friend like the same boy and you think he likes you but she is very obvious and smiles and flirts with him all the time in front of you?

Spank of her head and say this is my man.

How does a man knows a woman is interested in him?

She keeps looking at you or flirts with you. Or talks to you ALOT.

Should you leave your husband for a married man who wants to leave his wife for you?

No. A married man will often say he wants to leave his wife for you just to make you feel special. If a married man does not leave his wife within 6 months after meeting you, chances are he'll never leave his wife for you.

Should you leave your husband for the man you've fallen in love with?

no! what is your husband doing to make you want to leave!

What should a 15 year old girl do if she told a 22 year old man she is in love with him but he will not act on it and only flirts with her?

Leave it at that. He's an adult and knows you are too young. Even of you don't have sex, he can get into serious trouble if someone reports statutory rape and the state press charges.

What movie does the man ask if he should name his daughter Chlamydia?

"Waiting" with Ryan Reynolds.

What are the signs that a man is in love?

The man flirts with you and sometimes can't say words. He can sometimes tease or would love to hang out with you.

Is it wrong for a married man to flirt?

absolutely.. if one flirts with you you shou telll the wife

Is it best to leave a man with too much pride to admit he is wrong alone?

Can you live with it? If not, you should leave. Nobody can tell you what to do but if you determine that you can't live with it then you should leave. I don't believe that anyone should put up with that kind of relationship.

Divorcing a man incarcirated for abusing my daughter?

Your question is not clear, however no one should stay married to anyone who abuses her child. The child should come first, and he should not even be considered a man.

A butcher his daughter the fisherman and his wife won the lottery and divided the winnings by 3. How can this be?

the wife of the fisher man is the daughter of the butcher, or the fishermans wife is a butcher and they have a daughter, they never said the butcher was a man, but the fisher"MAN" is a man, and the wife and daughter are women so there? ____________ Alternate: The butcher is a man, and so is the fisherman. They are in fact the same man. ------------------ a butcher, his daughter the fisherman, and his wife.....3 people the butcher was his daughter

What is a word for flirtatious man?

Coqueter (noun) derived from French word "coquet" meaning to flirt. Pronounced ko-ket A term for a man who flirts A flirtatious man

Should you leave the man you love if he hit your mom?

You should never tolerate a violent man, no matter how you feel about him. His behavior is iappropriate, illegal, and odds are it will happen again.

What is the difference between effective and efficient man?

Should you leave a mess, however minor, you may be described as "Crude, but effective", whereas if you leave NO mess to be cleaned up, that would be efficiency, man.

You caught your daughter going in the bathroom while your son was in their you heard nosie so you went in and caught your son licking your daughter pussy what should you do?

wow man... this is gross

Why does Tevye betroth his daughter to a man he doesn't really like?

Because he knows that the man will provide for his daughter.

What to do when your man is cheating?

you should leave him once a cheater always a cheater I THINK DHAT YOU SHOULD LEAVE HIM BUECAUSE ONCE HE CHEAT OWN YOU Thatz ALL HEZ EVA GONNA DO