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If he's a generally incompetent and chaotic person he may feel in some sense threatened by a partner who copes well with everyday life. He might not want to be in a relationship at all. Why a man or a woman would like to be with a woman or a man who's finances are worst than his/hers? Two wrongs don't make it right. You want to go up not down! It would be better to stay with someone who can help you with your business finances so why would you stay with someone with worse finance problems than you?

2008-11-19 11:48:38
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What way is better for solving problems in a relationship together or alone?


Which way is better to solve problems if you're in a relationship. together or alone?


Is mike and Ike breaking up?

no they are staying together they just had problems with their relationship but they are gettin back together and you have nothing to worry about.

If a partner leaves you due to money reasons can you ever get back together?

If a partner truly loved you they would work with you to get over the financial problems. Most people have financial difficulties, but they work it out together. If this partner of yours bails out over something like money then you can't count on them for much else.

How did the british economic and political systems work together to control their territory?

The economic and political systems in Britain used to work together because the political system needed a lot of financial backing for it to remain. There had to be finances if the political system recommended going to war.

What should i do with these different problems in my relationship?

You should try to work it out and see if you and mate are ment to be together. You should try to work it out and see if you and mate are ment to be together.

What factors tie financial markets together?

factor tying all financial market together

What causes a bad relationship?

uhh... cheating haha ...thats mostly it..i guessWell bad or no communication, mistrust, financial problems if they are married or living together, less sex or no sex at all, promiscuity behaviour or difference in characteristics, difference in likes and dislikes and the list goes on.

Explain special relationship between banker and customer?

Bankers and customers work together to do financial transactions. A good banker will help a customer secure mortgages, balance accounts, and maintain a good relationship with the bank.

Are your girlfriend and you in a conjugal relationship if you are living together but not married?

If you are sleeping together then you are in a conjugal relationship. Yes.

Did Jay-Z have a relationship with rihanna?

No, they made a song together, but they were never in a relationship together.

How can relationships be maintained?

To maintain a relationship you must be honest and kind to one another, you have to litsen to each others issues and problems and work on solving them together.

Do ants overcome problems by working alone or together?

They work together to overcome problems

What do I do about my relationship break up or try to work it out?

If there is no cheating going on; no verbal or physical abuse and you feel you both love each other then good communication skills are needed and you can start by taking some private time out together and discussing the problems in your relationship. Everyone has some problems in their relationship and to break up over something not that important shows immaturity.

What hold a long-distance relationship together?

What holds a long distant relationship together is COMMUNICATION AND TRUST..even in a not distant relationship there has to be both of those there or there is no real relationship.

Why do financial intermediaries exist?

The function of financial intermediaries is to easily and efficiently bring together buyers and sellers of financial assets.

What is colaborative relationship?

a relationship where the two people work together

What is a inter-relationship?

Private and public sector emerging together

Relationship in which two species live closely together?

a symbiotic relationship.

What do you do to get your boyfriend to not want to be on a break anymore?

Well it depends on the situation. However, if there aren't any major problems with your relationship you should just tell him that you want to be together again.

What does it mean if you and your ex boyfriend break up and keep getting back together?

When two people keep breaking up and getting back together again it means they are not resolving their problems in their relationship. Communication is the key to all relationships so if or when you get back together again go somewhere private and discuss calmly with each other what the negative issues are in your relationship and try to work on them.

What is a network of savers investorsand financial institutions that work together to transfer savings to investors?

financial system

How do accounting and financial management work together to help a business reach its goals?

How do accounting and financial management work together to help a business reach it's goals

What is a naturalistic relationship?

You were meant to be together.

What is a successful relationship?

a successful relationship is just being happy with who your with and what you have together... :D