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Q: If a man pushes a van against a force of 300N for a distance of 10m in a 5 seconds?
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What force pushes the cell membrane up against the cell wall?

what force pushes a cell membrane against a cell wall

What is the name of the force that pushes agisnt an aireplane as it tries to move forward through the aire?

'Thrust' pushes against it from the rear, and 'drag' pushes against it from the front.

Can there be force without movement?

there can be force without movement. an example of this would be when a person pushes against a wall :)

What is air resetense?

Air Resistance is a force that pushes up against gravity.

Which force pushes against a moving object when it passes through water?

poo works. ;)

What happen when the heart?

When the heart contracts it pushes blood out of the left Ventricle throughout the Aorta around the body. It pushes with such force it can circulate the whole body in 23 seconds.

How does a spring work?

It works when a resisting force pushes against it and it then moves back into its original position.

How much work is accomplished when a force of 300 N pushes a box across the floor for a distance of 100 meters?

Just use the basic definition of work:work = force x distance

Is friction a push force?

Friction is a push force. When one object pushes one direction on an object the other object pushes the opposite direction. The harder an object is pushed against another the more friction there is.

When you push against a wall with your fingers they bend because they experience a force Identify this force?

you push on the wall and the wall pushes back on you with opposite and equal force.

What is the force that pushes a pencil is the force of?


What is the force that pushes?

compressive force