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no. Not unless he just ejaculated. But even then, the Chances of a girl becoming pregnant from that are astronomical

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Have it on good authority that it is impossible for a man to urinate if he has an erection. However, if he ejaculates and you are not using a condom (aka a PPPD), chances are you could become pregnant.

It can pass infections from the man to the woman and is unadvised.

he's sick and should go to the E.R

The red panda urinates in it's own mouth for a water source.

A man can not get pregnant.

The reason urinating is encouraged afterwards is because you get the bacteria from the man off. It does not prevent pregnancy in any way. The semen is inside the vagina and the urethra is leading out to the vulva so they never meet.

Animals that urinate less conserve more water so would be better adapted to survive.

Because first it might not like it second cause its not trained.P

In order for a woman to get pregnant, she must have sperm from a man.

Water cannot get you pregnant. Sperm get you pregnant.

A dog urinates the same if she is in heat, heat does not affect her urination

The quick answer is yes. A man does not have to ejaculate to impregnate a woman. Sometimes there is semen inside of a man's "pre-cum" or natural lubricant. That alone is enough. Now, if a woman urinates after sex it won't do anything for her. You see, a man's penis utilizes a single tract for urine and semen. A man cannot urinate and ejaculate at the same time. A woman has two separate tracts. So, a woman who urinates after sex will not be flushing anything out of her vagina.

She's not pregnant and she hasn't split from her man.

No, this is just impossible. No man can ever get a goat pregnant.

there is no possible way for a man to get pregnant, as a man doesn't have a uterus. if "he" does have a uterus, then "he" is a woman.

floods usually occur here cause a man urinates on the land and it flows

Merely sharing a bath will not get a woman pregnant, even if the man would ejaculate into the water. Getting pregnant pretty much requires intercourse, or at least that semen is directly transferred onto the woman's genitals.

No. As of 2017, a trans man cannot get a female pregnant.

The duration of A Slightly Pregnant Man is 1.53 hours.

Yes. What your man says has nothing to do with being pregnant. If your man can say you are not pregnant, what magical or medical skills does he have ?

No one can get pregnant by swallowing semen. And a man doesn't even have ovaries or a uterus and can never get pregnant.

It is physically impossible for a man to become pregnant. I know there is a story about a man in the US who got pregnant and had a baby, but that 'man' was once a woman, and still had the womb and all the things that are needed in the body to become pregnant and have a baby. It is impossible for a person who was born a man to become pregnant.

men do not have the abillity to get pregnant.

yes you can be pregnant especially when your man has a blockage

No, for two reasons:- 1. A man can not get pregnant 2. A shemale will not have sperm

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