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An unpaid medical bill is like any other debt. It can be reported to a credit agency like any other debt.

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Q: If a medical bill is unpaid will it affect your personal credit?
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Can an unpaid medical bill affect your credit?


Can unpaid emergency medical bills significantly affect your credit rating?

Any unpaid debt regardless of the nature of the debt will significantly affect your credit ratings. Medical bills can be purchased by a third party called a collection agency which could cause more derogatory postings to your credit file.

Can unpaid medical bills be reported on credit reports?

Yes, unpaid medical bills will be reported to credit bureaus not to mention the collection agency that the medical facility will pursue.

Can unpaid medical bills affect your credit in Pennsylvania?

Yes, a medical bill is like anyother bill and it will drag down your credit score like if you didn't pay a credit card or auto loan.

Unpaid credit card bill in the Philippines can affect your police record or nbi records?

unpaid credit card bill in the phils. can affect your police clearance and nbi?

How long do unpaid medical bills stay on your credit report?

Like other late payments reported to a credit reporting agency, an unpaid medical bill may stay on a credit report for up to seven years.

Can unpaid or late medical bills be reported on credit reports?


How do you know if you have unpaid medical there a website out there that i can go to to find out where the bills that are unpaid are?

i have 2 medical bills on my credit and i need to know what they are and i have the account numbers where do i look/

What is the maximum allowable interest rate for a personal note in Illinois?

Interest on the unpaid judgment is 9% per year (simple interest, not compound interest). Unpaid judgments can affect the judgment debtor's credit rating.

Are unpaid medical bills for a minor child to show on the child's credit report?


Can your house be taken from you in Wa state for unpaid medical or credit card bills?


What percentage of bad credit scores are made up of unpaid medical bills?


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