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Not necessarily you could be having twins and they don't have to be identical.


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Neither, she isn't pregnant.she is having neither. she is not pregnant.She isn't pregnant. However, her mother Mandy just had a miscarriage

Her mother is not pregnant.

You have the same chance as the general population. Identical twins are a genetic accident, researchers still don't know what triggers an egg to split making two embryos from one fertilized egg.

An infant can tell the difference between an identical twin mother and aunt. The infant knows the voice and smell of the mother.

No. You can not get pregnant that way. But you may injure yourself. It is better to talk to your family physician or your mother or your teacher. You need formal sex education.

yes you can still be pregnant wen having your period and i know because my mother was pregnant with me and still having her period normally but the dr said it is very very ulikely

yes asexual daughter cells are identical to each other and the parent cell. (mother cell)

Lil mama was 16 Pregnant and was beat by her baby's daddy' can see Lil mama saying how she was 16 pregnant her mother told her to find a man to take care of her but he did had beat her . and it was said in her song L.I.F.E .And tell about her mother and her having a foster parent.

A pregnant cow who gives birth is a mother.

Bambi is the name of a baby deer who looses his mother to hunters in a Disney fairy story.

Identical daughter cells.They have same number of chromosomes.These are identical to mother cell's

The chance of having non-identical twins can run through genetics or be affected by the age of the mother. So the more people in your family tree that have twins, the more likely you are to have twins. However, twins can occur by chance, to someone who's family tree has no cases of twins, or from IVF. You do not have to have twins in your family line to give birth to twins. The chance of having identical twins is 1 in 285 in all human genetic groups.

Actually It's: '' Who is Monique Pregnant by?'' And the answer is...... she got Pregnant by my mother!

depends on the mother. do you have strong feelings for the guy that got you pregnant?

noYes it results two identical cells.They are same as mother cells

If you mean the Duncans from Disney's Good Luck Charlie then yes. The mother is pregnant (again) with her fifth child.

Elie Wiesel looses his father, mother, sisters, and childhood.

Because the mother identical twins each have a different husband . . . half of his characteristics show up in their babies.

Yes it is possible for a cat to become pregnant again just after it has kittens. the person I got my cats off the mother got pregnant again with in about a week so yes it is possible. However, this causes a great strain on the mother as she will not have time to properly recuperate from her last litter. This could cause potential danger to the mother and the next litter of kittens.

Well, I broke the news by having a heated argument with my girlfriend about getting an abortion in front of my mother.

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The easiest way to not get pregnant, and the safest, AND the most effective, is to not have sex until you are ready to become a mother. Not having sex has a 100% safety rate, it is far and away the safest with 0% chance of getting an STD, 0% chance of getting pregnant, and 0% chance of having emotional problems with a "sex partner."

Heterozygous parents have the same odds of identical twins as the general population. Identical twins do not run in families and, therefore, twinning is not related to genetics. Comparisons among different ethnic groups rule out an ethnic cause-no difference. Only mother's age correlates with twinning: the older the mother, the greater the likelihood.

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