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Hi Mackey Nice to see you around and thanks for adding on the extra info. Have a great weekend! Marcy No, only the surviving mate would be responsible. Parents debts are not their children's debts and vice-versa. If your parent owned a car and owed some debts the car would be sold to pay as many as the debts as possible, but other than that the IRS and creditors are going to have to write-off those debts. Marcy In addition, all states have probate laws which determine what assets belonging to the deceased(s) are to be used to repay debts. All assets and debts are audited and filed in the probate court of jurisdiction by the appointed executor or executrix. Creditors are notified that they have a specified amount time to file a claim (generally 6 months) against the deceased's estate. All debts must be paid according to there priority and to the extent of the non-exempt assets that can be used for repayment. No property or assets will be distributed to surviving family members until this has been done. When a person dies intestate, the state probate succession laws apply to the distribution of assets and/or real property that remains after debts have been satisfied. The same laws apply when there is a will, all nonexempt assets must be used to repay debts owed by the deceased before any inheritance is distributed to named beneficiaries.

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Q: If a parent passes away with no assets or will are the children responsible for their debts?
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Are children responsible for doctor bills after parent passes and there is an estate?

Not being a legal professional, this answer is from a layman's viewpoint until improved by a professional, and should be be confirmed by cousultation with a legal professional in the state where the decedent lived at the time of his or her death. It is my understanding that the estate is responsible for debts of the deceased, and children, or other relatives, are not responsible unless they have previously "signed on" to responsibility, as for example, by signing a hospital admission document as the "Responsible Party" regarding billing.

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The IRS would take any assets in the estate to pay the decedent's personal tax debt. If there is a family business involved that would complicate the situation and may increase your exposure.

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No , that only applies to any debt cosigned for or if you were married to the party that has passed away.

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You need to open an estate with the probate court. You can usually get a packet of the required forms at the courthouse. One of them will be a form asking to be appointed as the executor. The court will then accept the form and issue a Letter of Authorization which gives you the power to do the work necessary. The executor of a will is the person responsible for making sure the wishes of the testator are carried out. They are responsible for paying off the debts and distributing the assets. They also have to pay taxes and file the appropriate reports with the probate court.

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The decedent's estate is responsible for paying their debts.

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The estate has to liquidate all debts before they can transfer any assets to the children. One way or another, the chidlren end up paying the debt. If the assets are not enough to cover the debt, any real property may have a lien placed against it to cover those debts.