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More than likely you will already have a bench warrant issued for Fail to Appear. Each court is different and may be willing to work with you if you make an honest attempt to work with them to get the issue resolved. The longer you wait the more likely you are to be arrested despite any attempts you make to work with the courts.

The question is a bit confusing, but if you are referring to an extension until you get insurance; I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is way too late for that. I concur that if you did not make your schedule court appearance or petition the court for a new date, a bench warrant will be issued at some date and you will also face a contempt of court charge as well as the original citation(s). Your best option is to present yourself to the proper authorities and have a very good and honest explanation. If the warrant has already been issued, you will probably be taken into custody, so you might want to make preparations concerning bail/bond.

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Q: If a person does not appear at court for failure to show proof of insurance is it possible for them to get an extension if they do not have it yet?
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What is the punishment for failure to appear for public intoxication charges?

a large fine and possible imprisonment.

Can a person be extradited to another state on a failure to appear bench warrant?

Yes, it is possible.

Can they issue a warrant for failure to appear on a traffic ticket?

Yes, it is possible that the judge might do so.

What is the statute of limitations on failure appear in Alabama?

In Alabama, there is no statue of limitation on failure to appear in court. In case of minor offences, it will not be a major felony. However if a warrant is obtained by the police, avoiding arrest is not possible.

What does 'failure to appear for DDC' mean?

Failure to appear for Defensive Driving Course.

Is there a charge for failure to appear?

Yes, failure to appear is a crime in and of itself. How the failure to appear is charged will be determined by the state in question and the charge levels of the underlying case.

What is the statute if limitations in Indiana for failure to appear?

In Indiana there is no statute of limitations for failure to appear. Being charged with failure to appear can result possibly in jail time.

Statute of limitations on failure to appear in North Carolina?

Failure to appear means that a person has a court appearance but did not make it. The is no statute of limitations on failure to appear in North Carolina.

Can bench warrant be issued for failure to appear in court as a witness?

Yes for failure to appear, or contempt of court.

What are the consequences for failure to appear on misdemeanor charges?

Probably a bench warrant being issued for you for Failure To Appear.

What is the statute of limitations for failure to appear in California?

There is no statute of limitation in the state of California for failure to appear. A failure to appear charge results in a warrant being issued for your arrest and that arrest warrant never expires.

What does FTA stand for?

Failure To Appear.

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