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Q: If a person is pregnant can the person be sent to boot camp?
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What are some of the crimes teens have commited to be sent boot camp?

Juvenile boot camps operate out of 10 states currently. Most of the teens sent to boot camp are non-violent or first time offenders. Their crimes may consist of theft, substance abuse or severe traffic violations.

Does the army drug test at boot camp?

Yes, the Army does drug test at boot camp and OBC. Many people have been sent home from boot camp for this very reason. Make sure you're clean before you arrive and of course, do NOT bring any recreational drugs with you!

Why was Sean Kingston sent to jail?

Sean Kingston was sent to jail for breaking an enetering he did 21 days in jail and went to boot camp

Can a 18 year old be sent to boot camp?

they cant be sent to boot camp once you are 18 you are considered an adult and are free to make your own choices however if the following question i have is answered with a yes it would be possible to threaten an 18 year old with being kicked out of the house but i would like to know if they can attend boot camp...if anyone has any information on this please send an email to i would like to know if an 18 year old can attend a military style boot camp of their own free will because i would like to join the military but we are in the middle of a war and i wouldn't get proper training before being sent to combat so boot camp is my only other alternative to become a stronger person and hey dude if you end up going maybe ill see you there

What are some reasons you would be sent home from boot camp?

A person might have failed the physical requirements, or was unable to learn the necessary skills (protocols, firearms, etc.). Or there may have been disciplinary issues.

I would like to know if you have a Boot Camp; in Puerto Rico if not where I could sent my son. ?

Check with White River Academy for boot camps in Puerto Rico. Their web address is

What Concentration camp did Melanie Ormosch get sent to?

Melanie was not sent to a concentration camp. Although she was sent to overcrowded Jewish homes in Belgrade. Melanie was not sent to a concentration camp. Although she was sent to overcrowded Jewish homes in Belgrade.

How is Percy missing in the lost hero?

He was sent to a Roman camp (Camp Jupiter) as Jason was sent to Camp Half-blood.

What kind of camp was Mr. frank was sent to?

He was sent to a mens work camp in aushwits

Is there any black rapper that has not gone to jail?

50 cent managed to get out of a prison sentence and got sent to shock incarceration boot camp instead, does that count?

Who is sent to Teen Boot camp?

Teen boot camps are set up for troubled youth when the parental intervention is not working or when law enforcement agencies are looking for an alternative to jail. These camps are generally four to six weeks long and

What are the requirements for the US Marine Corps?

To get sent to boot camp you must have a clean drug test, high school diploma or equivalent, good health and physical shape, within weight limits and pass the ASVAB. Once you get to boot camp you are required to pass everything to earn the title of "Marine".

In the Holocaust what would happen if a female Jew was pregnant?

pregnant women and mothers of small children were consistently labeled "incapable of work." They were sent to killing centers, where camp officials often included them in the first groups to be sent to the gas chambers.

What concentration camp was mr frank sent to?

Mr. Frank was imprisoned in Amsterdam. He was then sent to the Dutch transit camp of Westerbork. After this, he was sent to Auschwitz.

Why was armpit sent to camp green lake?

The book doesn't say why he was sent to Camp Green Lake.

Can my 16 year old legally refuse to attend boot camp?

Most likely not. A lot of boot camps, for troubled, teens only accept individuals that have been sent to them by a judge's orders. There are private boot camps that allow parents to pay to admit their children. But, when you are dealing with a 16 year old who is old enough to have the right to drive, work, drop out of school and gain emancipation from their parents, I doubt that you could force them to go to boot camp without a judge's orders.

What is the name of camp Stanley is sent to punishment?

Camp greenlake

Where can i find help for my teenager who needs to be sent to bootcamp in Buffalo New York?

St Catharines Boot Camp-, unstarred Can help they are just across the Boarder. Ecole Immaculate-Conception, 153 Church Street, St Catharines, ON L2R 3E2, Canada - (888) 285-3223, Or try Momentum Wellness boot camp, 5110 Camp Rd, Hamburg, NY - (716) 462-4942

How old is Hannah Elizabeth Pick-Goslar when she went to the concentration camp?

She was never actually sent to a concentration camp, but she was sent to her first camp at age 13 in 1942.

Why was Joseph balicki sent to concentration camp?

He was sent to the camp, because there was a picture of Hitler on a wall in a classroom and he turned it to a wall, which then got him sent to a concentration camp. P.S This answer is from the novel The Silver Sword, is this what you mean?

Where are your civilian clothes sent during boot camp?

in the marine corp recruit training, you put them in a black bag and they stick them in a shelf in a storage shed till Marine week then you go and get them.

What Concentration camp was Robert Clary sent to?

Buchenwald Concentration Camp

What concentration camps did Anne Frank's family get sent to?

Her family was sent to Westerbork, a transit camp and they were then sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. Then they were split up at that camp they were used for labour and starved Anne was then sent to a Bergen-Belson concentration camp, with her sister Margot and they both died of typhus there a few weeks before the British came to free the Jews.

why did one direction start a boy band?

They all tried out for X Factor UK 2010. They were sent home at boot camp, but the judges brought them back and out them together as a group. They got 3rd.

What happend to the pregnant women in the concentration camp in the holocaust?

The standing order was to let them come to term, then to kill both mother and baby. But, as becoming pregnant was illegal, cases were rare. Also if it was in an death camp, then the woman would be sent to her death like anyone else.