If a person majors in Spanish during college what kind of jobs should they look for?


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There are any number of careers where you could use your Spanish skills. Almost any job can take advantage of the language if you live in an area where there is a demand. Most often, people combine Spanish with another field of interest. For example, if you are also interested in nursing, you could be a nurse or liason to Spanish speaking patients. If Spanish is the primary skill and interest area, then many people go into teaching, translating or interpreting, or travel and tourism positions. Social services is another area where Spanish language skills are increasingly in demand. Sometimes if you have the language piece, a company will be willing to train you themselves on how to do the job. Again, this depends on the prevalence of Spanish speakers in your area. Translating and interpreting are probably the ones that require the most subsequent study and practice.

If employers are interested in skills in a foreign language it's usually as a bonus. For example, if you want to combine it with nursing or social work you must also be fully qualified as a nurse or social worker. There are no short-cuts.

Obviously, if you want to become a translator, you might be able to use Spanish in a more obvious way. However, before training as a translator check on demand, and also bear in mind that you need to have an excellent command of English with an awareness of linguistic subtleties.

You might do best working for a corporation that has interests in Spanish-speaking countries.


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