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No. The person would still need a parent or legally appointed guardian until they reached the age of majority. In Georgia that is 18.

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Q: If a person moves out at 17 in Georgia can he enroll himself in school?
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Between what ages do you have be to enroll in a school in Georgia?

between ages six and sixteen.

Can a 17 year old enroll in school without a parent in Georgia?


Can you enroll yourself in school in Georgia at the age of 17?

You can call the school and ask them, but I'm almost 100% certain that unless you are an emancipated minor you cannot enroll yourself in school.

Can someone else enroll a child in school when the mother has gone to jail?

If the person has legal guardianship or legal temporary custody of the child then that person can enroll a minor child in school.

How do you enroll into middle school?

you enroll

Can you unenroll out of high school move out and enroll in another high school without parental consent in Texas at age 17?

The legal age to move out is 17, but you can not un enroll from school. Only the person who enrolled you can un enroll you, unless emancipated.

What are the requirements for enrolling in the Ultrasound Technician Schools in the state of Georgia?

To enroll in an Ultasound Tehcnician School in the State of Georgia you will need a High School Diploma or Equivalent. This is also the requirement in most other states.

Can you enroll into high school at the age of 19?

can you enroll into high school at the age of 17?

What is the legal age to enroll yourself in high school in the state of Virginia?

You can not enroll in high school until you have completed all middle school requirements. Typically, once a person passes all grades, the middle school will transfer all information over to the high school.

What age can children enroll in school?

children can enroll in school anywhere froam ages 4-5, depending on the school district

Is it possible for a runaway to enroll in school?


Can a person convicted of a felony teach school in Georgia?

Truthfully....... probably not in a purblic school.

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