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If the restraining order is in place, you can and should not reply. Block them and do not let them into your home--you are always liable until they remove the restraining order.

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Q: If a person takes out a restraining order against you and then they contact you.?
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Can the person who obtained a restraining order against you contact your fiance?

What would prevent that? You are bound by the restraining order, not the person who obtained it.

Can you visit someone in jail that you have a restraining order against them?

No. The jail may not know about the restraining order or try to stop you. But if you have a restraining order against someone, you are also not to make contact with them, as you make it impossible for them to then follow the order. Most courts will find that you invalidate the restraining order if you contact the restrained person, and will then refuse to enforce the order against that person.

If a wife puts a restraining order against the husband can they email each other through another person?

if a wife puts a restraining order against the husband is it legal to contact each other through another person

Can you contact a person you put a restaining order on?

no. why would you even want to contact a person you gave a restraining order to? ain't that the whole point of RESTRAINING ORDER!?!?!

Can you file restraining order against a person who filed against you?

You can file for it, but you have to convince a judge to agree with you. However, if the person you are restrained from is seeking you out and/or harassing you, you absolutely need to contact the court for advice. But if you simply want to file a restraining order against them just because they filed one against you, you won't convince the judge.

How do I get a restraining order on my ex boyfriend in riverside CA?

You will need to contact the police or the courts to get restraining order against an ex in Riverside, CA.

My ex-husband commented on a picture on my facebook and i have a permanent restraining no contact order against him does this violate the PO?

If you have a permenant restraining no contact order then your ex-husband commenting on your facebook picture definitely violates the terms of the restraining order because he is not suppose to contact you at all and commenting on your facebook picture would be a form of contact.

Can someone talk about you on their Facebook if you have restraining order on them?

If a person has a restraining or protective order prohibiting the from making contact with a specific individual, all contact is prohibited, including social media.

Can an individual file a restraining order against a judge?

not sure if you mean whether or not you can file a restraining order against any judge or a judge you are dealing with in a case. the latter may present some problems whereas the former may be considered a person like anyone else not immune from the application of a restraining order if necessary. To be clear, a restraining order order is a Court order against an individual, which prevents them from having any sort of contact with another individual. You need to have a legitimate reason why you are requesting the restraining order. There are different types of restraining orders but they are typically applied when an individual feels that they are being threatened, stalked, or abused by another so keep that in mind.

Can you be married to a person if you have a restraining order against them for making threats against you and your loved ones in the past?

If you have a restraining order on someone, it is voided as soon as you let them near you. If you meant can you marry someone after you put the restraining order on them. Yes, that's up to you. A restraining order means no proximity or contact of any kind between you two. How would you marry him, unless the restraining order is lifted? A restraining order IS NOT automatically lifted when you allow the restrained person near you. I hate BAD legal advice!! Only a court can lift or remove the Order. It depends on the state issuing the restraining order. The state I live in if the person who obtains the order violates it themselves the order becomes null once the person who the order is against informs the court of the contact. Also, if the person has allowed the order themselves to be violated, by allowing contact from the restrained person, again the order becomes null once the court is contacted. What good is a restraining order in these cases? Just another way for the abuser to keep control; as I see it. It is entirely up to you to stay married to this person. From first hand experience, the order is not null and void. If the person holding the order decides to file charges, the other could get charged with Interfering with Judicial Proceedings. It does not matter if the contact was consented. The fact remains that an order by the court was not followed and therefore prosecutable. I found out the hard way. My N abuser filed an order to worm his way out of assault charges. What I thought was a positive step for a healthy relationship, going to counceling, was just his way of a payback for having him arrested when he hit me. The only way to protect the person whom the order is against is to go to court and have the judge lift said order.

If someone was contact whom there is a restraining order against what can happen?

they can be charged with contempt of court - violation of restraining order. The actual penalties vary case by case.

How do you contact person who owes me money has restraining order?

talk to the police

What should an employee do if their employers hires someone you have a restraining order against?

if there is an active restraining order in place then the employer can still hire that person as long as said person is not in breach of the order for instance if u work in a specific area and they emply him to be in the same building with the knowledge that the restraining order is in place then not only is the person who the order is against but also the company that you are working for breaking the law(uk)

Does a child have any rights to contact their biological father?

yes, unless he has a restraining order against you.

If someone put a restraining order on you how will you know if you are supposed to stay away from the person Would you immediately be in voilation of it even if you do not know?

Unfortunately yes, lets say you're in a store and the person with the restraining order walks in, that person has to notify the store that they have a restraining order against you and they would notify you to leave but if that person wanted to be a (you know what) then they could say that you saw them and still proceeded to break the restraining order.

What do I do about a death threat?

If you received a death threat, contact the police. It's a crime and the person who did it can be arrested for making terroristic threats. You may also be able to get a restraining order against him or her.

Can you contact a person that you put a restraining order on?

yes it is. a r.o. works both ways

Was served a restraining order but the plaintiff calls me?

Do not make contact! The other person broke the restrain order. Not you. But if YOU make contact YOU broke the order and can be charged with a misdemeanor. Added: Maintain records of any calls from the plaintiff. You could use them against the plaintiff at trial.

Does a no contact order expire when the restraining oder expires?

Traditionally the no contact order and restraining order are synonymous with each other. however, some judges will also write the no contact on the court paperwork. If that is the case then it does not expire. However, if he did not then the no contact dissolves when the restraining or expires

How do you file a restraining order against your daughter and her boyfriend She does not live at home is a compulsive thief and the boyfriend is making threatening phone calls and text messages to?

Contact your police department either in person or using the local non-emergency number. Explain the situation and ask to file a restraining order.

What is a restraining notice?

A restraining notice is an order of protection. If you have a restraining order against someone then they can't be within a certain feet of your.

Can some one get a court order to stop you from being on your parents property other than your parent?

Yes, if the other person resides with your parents and is granted a restraining order against you. If there is a restraining order against you it would mean you could not be on their property if it's too close to that person.

Can you refuse to get a restraining order against your husband?

Yes you can refuse. I don't know who is trying to force you to get a restraining order against your husband, but restraining orders are for the benefit of the people who obtain them, so if you don't think you need one, then no one has the right to force you to get one. Of course, if your husband is actually a violent person who is dangerous to you, then it would be in your interests to get a restraining order. But that is for you to decide.

Can you contact people living with someone you have a restraining order on?

No. A restraining order works BOTH ways. The restrained party cannot contact you, either directly or through someone else. And the same restriction applies to the person who sought the order. Obviously this provision is in place to prevent harassment.

Can you get a restraining order against your abusive father when im15 years old?

yes you can. go to court or try to contact DSS