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Q: If a police officer pulls you over he or she will ask for your driver's license and your?
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If a police officer pulls up to your house and you flee is that a felony?


If a police officer pulls you over while you have your ristricted licience and you are travellingwould the police make you turn around and go home?

No, you would get arrested for driving on an invalid license and your car would just get towed.

Can you be pulled over for driving with an expired licence in Washington state?

How is the Police Officer going to know your license is expired?? Unless you do something to Merit being pulled over the Police Officer will not know. However I would not want to be you when the Officer pulls you over and finds it is expired and you knew about it. Good Luck.

Can you videotape a police officer if he pulls you over?

no, a police officer can request you to stop videotaping them for safety reasons. often guns are hidden inside of cellphones and video recorders

When a police officer pulls you over in Maryland does he have to wear a hat?

No, but department policy may require it.

Can you buy a drivers license?

each state has their own laws. In more states the driver must pass a written and driving test as well as show proper identification. There are however "licenses" that can be bought on the black market for identification purposes however this holds tough penalties and will not work if a police officer pulls you over while driving a motor vehicle.

Does a police officer have to wear a badge when he pulls you over?

No he does not need to have a badge on his uniform. An ID card or embroidered depiction of the agency's badge is sufficient.

What happens when a police officer pulls over your unregistered vehicle?

It depends on the specific laws where you are at. He may simply issue a citation or he could have the car impounded.

What is Please Step Out Of The Vehicle?

If a police officer ever pulls you over and asks you do to this, you should do that. When they say to step out, you should. If you don't, they could give you an extra ticket for that.

What happens if a police officer pulls you over and you don't have a license or registration sticker?

If this occurs you will be most likely cited for operating a motor vehicle without a license as well as operating a vehicle without valid plates. Both these can be hefty forfeitures. You will also not be allowed to drive the vehicle anymore, so if you can't contact someone you may have a long walk home.

What does a diplomatic tag entitle you to?

diplomatic tags entitle you to nothing unless you are a foreign diplomat. being a diplomat of a foreign country means you have immunity from the laws of the nation you are serving in. ex......police officer pulls over a foreign diplomat for speeding the police officer would be out of his or her jurisdiction and can not enforce the law upon a foreign diplomat.

What is police discretion?

It means the police officer has a choice. example: a police officer pulls you over for a minor traffic violation (not stopping at a stop sign) he has a choice of whether to give you a ticket or a warning (written or verbal). This is called discretion. Another example would be urinating in public, the officer uses his/her discretion on whether or not to make an arrest or just issue a ticket violation. Police don't have discretion in all circumstances. Law and departmental policy can limit or eliminate discretion. For example, if an officer witnesses a felony, law requires the officer arrest the suspect. And, departmental policy might require an officer issue citations for all seat belt violations.

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