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Yes. Each pregnancy is an independent event, unaffected by any previous one. Only the DNA of the dogs in a specific pregnancy matter.

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Q: If a purebred dog mates with an unkown male will litters in the future be purebred if mated with a purebred of the same breed?
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Are pomachon dogs a pure breed?

No. It's a 'designer breed.' it's a cross breed or a mix of a purebred bichon and a purebred Pomeranian.

How do you get a pure breed on Howrse?

To get a purebred on Howrse, you must have a purebred mare and stallion of the same breed. For example, a Thoroughbred. The foal that they produce will be a purebred Thoroughbred.

What horse should you breed with a quarter horse on howrse?

Depends on what you're aiming for really. If the quarter horse is purebred, then you can breed it with another purebred QH to get a purebred foal, or you can crossbreed with another breed.

On howrse what two horses breeds do you have to breed to get a Purebred Spanish Horse?

You must already have a Purebred Spanish. Or you can buy a Purebred Spanish horse in the sales already purebred. It is impossible to make a breed or breed two breeds of horses to make another breed in Howrse. Only the Administration can make new breeds.

What is purebred breeding?

Purebred breeding is: breeding two of the same breed dog and having puppies that are purebred. Example: Yorkshire Male and Female have puppies, the puppies are purebred.

How tall is a purebred horse?

It differs depending on the breed. There is no set height for ALL purebred horses

Can a purebred Singapura be longhaired?

No, a purebred Singapura will not be long haired. This breed is only short haired.

What is a cross-breed?

an animal with purebred parents of two different breeds.

Is dean germon a pure breed carp?

Dean germon is a purebred carp. Purebred carp, such as dean germon, are only bred from purebred parents.

What means mutt?

It means mixed breed ... not purebred.

How can you make sure your crossbreed dog is purebred?

By definition a cross breed is not a pure breed

What was the first breed of horse discovered?

Arabians are recognized as the first and purest purebred horse breed.

What is the oldest purebred horse breed in the world?

The oldest and purest horse breed by far is the Arabian.

What is the dog's breed in the movie beethroven?

The breed of Dog in the movie ''Beethoven'' is a purebred Saint Bernard.

Do dogs have to be the same breed to mate?

No, but the puppies will me mixed, not purebred.

What is a dog called who mother and father are the same breed?

Purebred .

Can a purebred Scottish Fold have a pink nose?

No, a purebred Scottish Fold does not have a pink nose. The cat breed has a black nose.

How many litters can a cat have?

You can breed them five times then fix them.

Are pugs a mixed breed?

No, the Pug is a purebred breed, first recognized by The American Kennel Club in 1885.

How many times can the female pig hog breed?

if you are going to breed your female guinea pig the can only have her do five litters a year but the more litters your female guinea pig has the less she will live.

How much is a half breed Lhasa Apso dog worth?

nothing, dogs not purebred, it can't be bred to make a purebred, its worthless.

Can a purebred Italian Greyhound have a black and white coat?

Yes, the purebred Italian Greyhound dog breed can have a black and white coat.

When can you mate a dog after having pups?

It depends on the breed of the dog, but make sure not to rush a female dog. Over-breeding can lead to many problems with the dog and future litters.

What is a purebred Arabian?

A purebred Arabian is a very beautiful horse from the Arabian Peninsula. What makes the horse, or any other animal, a purebred is based on its lineage and the lineage of the animal its allowed to breed with.

are english bulldogs purebred?

Olde English Bulldogs are NOT considered a purebred breed by the American Kennel Club. It is, however, considered a purebred by the United Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club.