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The roofer and ultimately the liability insurance co of the roofer. The roofer will likely be held responsible in the end but the tenant has no relationship to the roofer. The tenant has a relationship with the landlord and it is the landlord's responsibility to see that a roof was in proper condition. The tenant will need to seek redress from the landlord and it is the landlord's job to collect from the roofer.

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When the ceiling of a cave collapses what is formed?

It is a sink hole if it reaches the surface.

What is the best type of ceiling?

A drywall ceiling, provides the best type of ceiling for work. It provides a great look, noise level reduction versus a tile ceiling and is inexpensive to install.

What causes caves to collapse?

Erosion of the walls supporting the cave ceiling create an increase in the amount of overlying rock being supported. At some point, the weight becomes too great, and the ceiling collapses.

Who sets resource ceilings and provides budget authority for the Department of Defense?

Congress sets the resource ceiling and provides the budget authority for DoD.

If your toilet leaked causing damage to the ceiling of the unit below you are you responsible for fixing their ceiling if you had the toilet fixed as soon as you were made aware of the leak?

It is your toilet that caused the damage and therefore your responsibility.

How do caves and sinkholes form?

Most caves form from the dissolution of carbonate rock over time by naturally acidic rain and groundwater. A sinkhole can form on the surface when a cave ceiling collapses from gravity.

Remote control ceiling fans?

Remote control ceiling fans are modern appliances that can be fitted at home or in the office. The setting and operations are done using a remote which provides so much convenience.

Ceiling falls in who is responsible for damage to renters property?

As a general rule, you are responsible for any damage to your property. However, if your landlord knew of problems with the ceiling but did not get them fixed promptly, he may be responsible for the damage to your property. Also, if the ceiling collapse was caused by faulty construction (i.e. the ceiling did not comply with local building codes), you would be able to sue your landlord for failing to keep the property up to building code. Finally, since landlord-tenant laws vary from state to state, your state may have a specific law that holds your landlord responsible for the damage. You should immediately see a tenant's rights agency or landlord-tenant attorney who can review your specific situation.

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Is homeowners insurance or condo insurance or both responsible for leakage from the roof that has caused damage to the floors ceiling and walls?

In most cases the association is responsible for mantaining the roof and structure. It should the the association's insurance problem.

Why ceiling rose is used in electric circuit?

A ceiling rose is the name given to an enclosed terminal block which enables a suspended lamp to be connected to a residence's permanent wiring. It also provides a means of gripping the flexible cable to support the weight of the light fitting.

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What is the purpose of a false ceiling?

A false ceiling is often known as a drop ceiling or suspended ceiling. A false ceiling was originally developed to conceal the underside of the floor above.

What is difference between false ceiling and fall ceiling?

The correct term is false ceiling. Fall ceiling isn't correct.

If a water heater breaks in an apartment is the renter responsible for damage caused to the apartment floors or ceiling of the apartment below?

Speculatively speaking, it is likely that the following is true: If the water heater is provided by the LL then the landlrod is responsible for damages. If the water heater is owned by the tenant then the tenant is responsible for damages.

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A ceiling partition is a track on the ceiling that may have a metal or wooden wall fitting into it. This divides a room by the ceiling support.

Ceiling Repair?

form_title= Ceiling Repair form_header= Repair a broken ceiling with help from a professional! Why does the ceiling need to be repaired? *= _ How old is the building?* = _ Does your ceiling contain Asbestos?* () Yes () No () Not Sure

What is a combed ceiling?

it is a ceiling that follows the line of the roof, not a ceiling that runs parallel with the floor.

What is hugger ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan that mounts directly to the ceiling with no down-rod.

What is fall ceiling?

Unless you happen to be talking about a ceiling that was installed in the autumn, I'll bet you are mis-hearing "false ceiling". A false ceiling or suspended ceiling is typically installed by hanging a grid of 'T' channels by wire below the actual ceiling and laying ceiling tiles in the rectangular openings.

Who is responsible for damage caused to a tenants personal property when the ceiling collapsed during a storm because the building was not weatherproofed correctly and the tenant didn't have insurance?