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Most Renters Insurance has a Liability component as well as personal property coverage. So if the fire was the renters fault the landlord could sue the renter then the liability insurance would pay.

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Q: If a skylight was damaged in a fire in a rental house is that the responsibility of the renter or owner?
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what are the steps to evict a renter who does not abide by the rental agreement?

what are the steps to evict a renter who does not abide by the rental agreement in virginia

What do you do if your Rental car was impounded?

Since the renter is not the owner, the renter needs to notify the rental company immediately. The renter is also going to be held responsible for the impound fees and it could be several hundred dollars.

Who is responsible for cleaning a rental after the renter moves out?

Generally the renter is to clean the property before leaving. Otherwise the cleaning and rental deposits would be used to pay for cleaning.

Your sister was hit by an uninsured driver in your rental car will you have to pay for the repairs to the rental?

The short answer is Yes. You are responsible for the vehicle that you hire. The rental company will claim from the renter - the renter has standard legal rights against the perpetrator.

Who is responsible for painting a rental after renter moves out?

The landlord, of course.

What are the obligations of a cosigner on an apartment lease?

A co-signer shares financial responsibility for the rental. Unpaid rent, damage to the apartment after moving and so on will fall on your shoulders if the renter does not do as he/she should.

What are some rights of renters in private rental agreements?

Some right of renters in private rental agreements are: If the landlord wants the renter to leave, they must give the notice 30 days in advance, the renter is entitled to a quiet and exclusive rental of the home.

What is car rental and how does it works?

Car rental is a service of one party (the provider) providing an automobile for the use of a second party (the renter) in exchange for money. The renter goes to the provider and agrees to pay a sum for the right to use a vehicle that the provider makes available to the renter.

Who pays property tax on a rental home?

Property taxes are the responsibility of the owner. Unless there is a clause in the lease saying otherwise, the renter/leasor is not obligated to pay them. The government will place a lien on the property.

Who pays for the damages to your vehicle if a rental car is at fault?

It all depends on whether the renter signed up for the car rental company's extra insurance coverage at the beginning of the rental. If LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance coverage was accepted by the renter, you will likely be dealing with the car rental company's insurance. If the renter declined the extra coverage, then you will deal directly with the renter's personal insurance provider.

Can you be forced to pay for a paved driveway as a renter?

No, property repairs and improvements are the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord can however raise the person's rent to offset expenses, assuming there is not a valid rental agreement disallowing the action.

Does the 3 day right of rescission rule apply a rental agreement?

It should apply to a rental agreement as long as renter cancels prior to the start of the rental agreement.

Is discount car rental better than hertz or avis?

Hertz and Avis are excellent quality rental facilities. If a renter is seeking QUALITY over cost, Hertz or Avis are fantastic choices. If, however, the renter is seeking VALUE, searching for a discount car rental would be a good idea.

Rent Agreement Forms: Essential Points?

Whether a person is renting their home from a private property owner or a major real estate company, it is important to understand what types of information do and do not belong on a rental agreement. If a person does not take the time to read the fine print of their rental agreement, they may find that they have given up more of their rights than they had realized. For example, some rental companies include stipulations in their rental agreements that give property owners unfettered access to the property at anytime, which may result in a renter having considerably less privacy in his or her home than is usual. Let’s take a look at some of the primary points of interest on a rent agreement that an individual should take a close look at before signing a rental agreement. One of the most important items of interest on a lease agreement for a renter to consider involves their responsibility for the condition of the property at the beginning and the end of the lease. Every rental agreement should include a stipulation that a reasonable amount of ware and tare is acceptable during the length of the lease and that a renter cannot be held liable for such minor damages. If there is no such stipulation in the rental agreement, a property owner can request that a renter pay for the replacement or repair of property that is damaged simply as a result of occupying a piece of property in a safe manner. Similarly, it is up to a renter to ensure that permission for pets or certain types of equipment are included in the wording of the rental contract. It is not enough to rely upon a spoken agreement or exchange of email messages for these stipulations, as the wording of the rental agreement will supersede any agreements made outside of the contract. So long as a renter insists that this permission is granted in the rental agreement itself, there will be no chance for a misunderstanding in the months or years to come.

A written agreement between the owner and the renter that specifies the conditions for rental?

lease agreement

What happens if i co-sign on a rental and the renter does not pay?

You are liable for the unpaid debt.

Is there a penalty for a renter who lied on the rental application?

Denial or eviction due to false information on the application

Will the name of the renter who broke the lease agreement appear on the rental history when the cosigner is sued by the landlord?


If you live in a rental house who pays the plumber bill - you or the landlord?

AnswerMost rental questions can be answered by talking with your landlord. I've been in both situations. As a renter, I want the landlord to take care of everything. As a landlord, I want my renter to take some responsibility.I think a clogged drain is up to the renter to get fixed. A leaky pipe is more a landlord duty. However, if you want something more concrete, I suggest you come to an agreement with your landlord. You'll take care of any repairs that cost less than $50 and the landlord will be responsible for the bigger jobs.Max

Can you sue heirs of estate if the estate owns a rental property and a renter gets hurt.?

No, you sue the owner, which is the estate.

If the cost of cleaning a rental exceeds the deposit amount is the renter liable to pay the excess?

Yes, if the expenses are justified.

What is a rental agreement form?

A rental agreement form is a written agreement between the renter and the provider of a service. You can usually find them in the form of a lease for an apartment or when someone rents a vehicle.

What are the requisites for renting a car in South Africa?

The requirements to hire a vehicle differ in each country, and often in each company. Here are the basic rules regarding renting a car in South Africa: -- The driver must be the renter; -- The renter/driver must be at least 23 years old; -- The driver must be in possession of a valid driver's license; -- The renter must have a credit card (the company authorizes the full rental and excess before the rental, and takes payment once the rental is complete).

Apartment Maintenance Responsibilities?

Protect your rights as a landlord or renter: use a rental or lease agreement to outline renter and landlord responsibilities for apartment maintenance.Click here to fill out the Apartment Maintenance Responsibilitiesform

Where did lady Montagu see woman inoculating their children against smallpox?

You could have a clause wtirten in your rental agreement that the renter must carry renter's insurance for their contents and/or medical liability. But the insurance for the structure and property would still be your responsibility. On the plus side it should be considerably cheaper for you. Adjust your rental rate accordingly to recoup the expenses.