If a small amount of sperm is just inside the penis can she get pregnant?


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Even a little bit of sperm in a woman's vagina can make her pregnant. Even indirect contact can be enough. For example: after sex, you take the condom off, and decide to stimulate your girlfriend with your hands. If some sperm got on your hands, this little bit could be enough to make her pregnant. Obviously, the odds of getting pregnant are greatly reduced if the amount is so small. But in theory, it is possible.

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there is a good chance of getting someone pregnant by just putting your penis in a woman's vagina even if you don't go all the way. Penile fluid contain small amount of semen which is enough to get someone pregnant. Its not necessary for the penis to go all the way in to get someone pregnant. Only thing that has a 99% chance of preventing pregnancy is a condom.

this ios impossible for a women to get pregnant the male has to ejaculate or in small terms (shoot out sperm) into the females vagina

if there was pre-ejaculate yes since pre-ejaculate can contain small amounts of sperm and virgins can get pregnant.

Yes it can be, you need a gigantic phallus to get a woman pregnant. If you have a small penis you aren't a man.

Yes you can. It only takes a small amount of sperm. Men have a thing called pre-ejaculate, clear liquid that leaks from his penis. Even this can make you pregnant. So he doesn't even have to ejaculate for you to become pregnant so be careful.

If you have been taking your pill correctly, as in once a day, in or around the same time every day, then no you should not get pregnant. The fact that his penis was not inside you and was outside also makes it less likely for you to get pregnant. Though there is always a small chance that you could be pregnant but it is less than 1%.

Possibly. If his bare penis rubbed in the area of her bare vagina, the fluid that may have been leaked from the penis could still have a small amount of sperm in it.

No as long there is sperm you can get pregnant so use a condom

Yes, it's not a very common occurance but it can happen, pre-cum is a sort of lubrication for the inside of the penis to allow semen to be ejected easier. Sometimes pre-cum may contain a small amount of sperm.

Of course. As soon as a mans penis is erect a small amount of pre-ejaculate is emitted to clean the urethra of urine. This contains small amounts of sperm, and all it takes is one proficient swimmer to do the job

yes you very much can no matter what size the penis is you can

The atomic nucleus occupies a small amount of the total space inside an atom.

Some men produce very concentrated ejaculation. The sperm and sugar substance mix inside of the penis before going into a woman. My husband had no trouble whatsoever getting me pregnant and he didn't have as much in volume, but there must have been either a lot of concentrated sperm or hard swimmers. :)

If you have recently ejaculated there is going to be a small amount of semen left inside your urethra and with enough squeezing (start at the base with your hand gripped tightly and slowly move up to the head) you should be able to get a small amount of the leftovers out. Try tensing your penis if you can, its the same feeling as if you stop yourself during urination.

No. Size of the penis or testis has nothing to do with fertility.

If you do not know the answer to this question you should probably not be taking your clothes off with the opposite sex. Yes there is a small chance you could get pregnant.

It is possible, but unlikely. There is always a possibility of pregnancy whenever sex is taking place. If there is nothing inside, then it's not likely, but it is still possible for just a small amount to drip inside and get you pregnant. Hope this helps!

There is a small chance that a female can get pregnant due to the fact that a male has precum when he gets a hard-on.

Hello there - There is a possibility precum or left over ejaculatory sperm was on his penis - because of this there is a small risk of pregnancy.

When your penis is not erect it does not fully cum, but sometimes you experience pre-cum but it's only a small amount.

In this situation pregnancy is very, very unlikely. It is only possible if you had some pre-ejaculatory fluid or semen on your penis and then rubbed it against her vagina, and even in this case there is a very small chance of pregnancy if you did not put your penis inside her vagina.

no,it takes a large amount,and you cant get pregnant your first time

If the man ejaculated even outside of the woman's vagina, if his sperm gets inside her vagina she can get pregnant. For example if you masturbate your partner to get him fully erect for sex and then he puts a condom on for sex, if you then touch your vagina with the same hand and it has pre-ejaculate on it you can get pregnant. This is from small amounts of sperm cells in his pre-ejaculate. Even if he uses a condom and it doesn't split or slip off and he doesn't ejaculate inside you.

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