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if they got married to someone who wasn't illegal then she wouldn't be illegal. so she would get the children


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The mother assumes automatic custody, unless she is unfit.

Yes. He should have had his wife start the procedures to sponsor his citizenship when they got married. If she knew he was illegal, she, too, could face criminal charges for housing an illegal alien. Since no illegal can enter into a legally binding contract, the marriage may not be legal either.

He is already married, you can't marry him unless he gets a divorce.

Sure they can get married. It's not easy, because it could be seen as just getting married for a green card, but yeah, someone can get married there.

Answer No. He has to apply to your Immigration Department for a visa. Even if you went to Mexico and married there he would still be considered illegal by American Authorities. You would be wise to contact your Department of Immigration and find out what they say.

Yes she was, she was married and then moved to New Mexico she became a teacher and had two children.

your boyfriend can get an s.s. card from the state where he lives on employementand have an birth certificate in English

No, in most countries it is illegal (a crime) to marry someone that is still legally married to another person.

that henry good raped there woman and children shouldn't get married if your boyfriend is illegal.But if you had to I would say neither go for canada.

Get married in the US. the illegal will NOT be allowed to enter the US until his/her Permanent Residency is approved which takes 6 months to 1 year.

i got married 2 years ago in las Vegas with a british citizen, i am from Mexico, we also got married on the church but in Mexico how can i get a divorce if i married in las Vegas but i have 1 year living in Mexico?

they're illegal in mexico, USA, and many more

He is married and has been happily married for the last twelve years. Him and his wife have four children and live in Monterrey, Mexico.

No. It qualifies as polygamy, and is illegal in both Mexico and the United States; depending on the state, it is also considered a criminal offense.

I am also wondering about this question. someone please help. answer is yes. If you go to it'll explain everything. There is also currently something called a touchback. If an immigrant from Mexico comes here undocumented and has children and a wife here they have to gol back to Mexico but they'll be granted a greencard and eventually a residence. Hope this helps !

No. The child/children cannot live in two places at the same time.

There is no explicit prohibition of adoption by same-sex couples in New Mexico. Single gay persons are permitted to adopt children.

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

Over 13,696 first-generation, Argentinian immigrants live in Mexico (2010). This number does not include illegal immigrants nor children born in Mexico from Argentinian or Argentinian-Mexican parents.

No. Help me in the battle to conquer cancer. Please support my fundraising efforts at

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