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If a student was caught making out with a married teacher what would happen?



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If you are a student - YOU have done nothing wrong. Therefore, you can't be "caught" doing anything bad, so in fact, if it is happening to you, tell another adult - maybe a parent or principal. For the teacher, married or not makes no difference. Nor exactly what way s/he makes out with you or says s/he wants or needs to. It is always entirely wrong. The main thing that happens if you tell somebody about it is, you will feel better. Your use of the term "caught" indicates that you know the difference between right and wrong in this situation...and while what the teacher did was certainly wrong, what the student did was wrong as well. The student would probably not suffer to the extent that a teacher would in a situation like this, but that does not mean that the student should not be held accountable for his/her actions just like anyone else. We all know the difference between right and wrong, and someone else being wrong too, doesn't let us off the hook. Because of the relationship between student and teacher, in many states there are specific laws against such things happening.