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If a student was caught making out with a married teacher what would happen?

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If you are a student - YOU have done nothing wrong. Therefore, you can't be "caught" doing anything bad, so in fact, if it is happening to you, tell another adult - maybe a parent or principal. For the teacher, married or not makes no difference. Nor exactly what way s/he makes out with you or says s/he wants or needs to. It is always entirely wrong. The main thing that happens if you tell somebody about it is, you will feel better. Your use of the term "caught" indicates that you know the difference between right and wrong in this situation...and while what the teacher did was certainly wrong, what the student did was wrong as well. The student would probably not suffer to the extent that a teacher would in a situation like this, but that does not mean that the student should not be held accountable for his/her actions just like anyone else. We all know the difference between right and wrong, and someone else being wrong too, doesn't let us off the hook. Because of the relationship between student and teacher, in many states there are specific laws against such things happening.

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What would happen if a high school student dated their math teacher?

Unless they didnt get caught nothing but if their caught doing sexual stuff like kissing then they both be suspended

What will happen to a student who caught cheating?

the student can be expelled from school or can be punished .

Can a teacher marry a student after the student has graduated?

It would be legal, I think, if a student and teacher marry each other after the student is no longer a real "student" of that school or any school. However, you'd have to have the student's agreement to marry them and I don't think any teachers should be marrying people they have taught. Legally it is allowed if the student is over the age of 18. Some places might allow it if they are over 16, with parental permission. I've known it to happen in two instances. One was a high school student who married a teacher after graduation. The other was a college professor who married a student.

What happens if you get caught writing someone up in school and you are a student?

If you mean by "writing someone up" by doing a displine report that a teacher would do can get YOU in trouble. Better, if you know of an event or if something is going to happen tell a teacher or someone you trust.

Is it illegal for a teacher to text message students?

No, it is no more illegal for a teacher to text a student than to email a student. It would be inappropriate for such to happen without the prior knowledge of the parents of the student, but not illegal.

What will happen to a student in a teacher and student relationships?

You two will be found out (probably by one of your mortal enemies) and he/she will threaten to give you away if you don't give him/her what they want. They will tell somebody and the teacher will be thrown in the slammer all because he had to resort to a student to get some.

How can you get out of trouble with a teacher?

well to get out of a problem with a teacher like being late to school tell her that our car broke down or i went to the hospital to visit my grandma.Or getting a trouble with your teacher by a student just make a lie that it didnt even happen on the student that he said a bad word,or you can compliment her then act good for the whole lesson until the teacher and you settle in.

How do you get rid of your teacher?

It is not up to you to "get rid of" a teacher. A teacher is there for your benefit, whether you believe that or not. Occasionally personality clashes happen and that is remedied by removal of the student, not the teacher. Speak with your school guidance counselor or principal. They will decide the best course of action based on proper investigation.

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Do you by any chance happen to be at SGGHS Student? Do you by any chance happen to be at SGGHS Student?

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If a teacher was caught with a pupil in a compromising position what would happen?

If the "compromising position" included any form of sexual contact then the teacher would be arrested and charged.If the student is over a certain age (usually at least two years over the normal age of consent) then the teacher may not be charged, but would almost certainly lose his or her job and any future career in education.

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What will happen when a teacher is having inappropriate relations with a student?

What Could HappenThe teacher could lose his/her job, go to prison, and/or be labeled a sex offender for life. At the very least, the teacher would most likely be charged with some offense which would mean there would be a highly publicized court procedure that would have a negative effect on the teacher's life. The severity of the effect would probably depend on the age of the child and what the inappropriate relationship is.

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