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If a teenager gets pregnant does that mean she will be able to marry her boyfriend?


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2015-07-16 19:28:10
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But I will say this, I certainly hope you're not considering getting pregnant with the hope that you will then be able to get married. Marriage and having children is not 'kiddie play'. It's very serious business. It requires maturity, responsibility, and commitment (a *life time* of it). Anyone who would consider bringing a child into the world just so they can get married, could very well be lacking in the 'maturity' aspect.

If shes 18 or older but i would be careful if your b/f is older then 18 because he could face some prision time.

If you are under 16 no there is no way you can get married without a court order and it is hard to obtain one. I am going through this with my daughter.


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