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it will be there in

432 seconds or

7.2 minutes or

0.12 hours

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Q: If a train is traveling 200mph at a distance of 24 miles how much time will it take for it to get there?
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If a train is traveling at 60 mph for a distance of 1000 miles how long will it take to arrive?

17 hours

If a train is traveling at 60 mph for a distance of 7 miles how long will it take to arrive?

The train is travelling 60 miles in 60 minutes, therefore, it would take 7 minutes for it to travel 7 miles.

How far is 30 miles when traveling on the train?

30 miles is always 30 miles. It does not matter what method of transport you are using to move over that distance. Therefore, 30 miles on a train is the same distance as 30 miles on foot. Obviously, walking will take more time, but the distance is the same. If the question is "How much time will it take for the train to travel 30 miles?" then you will need to specify the particular points of origin and destination because no two train lines go exactly the same speed.

Train A and B are traveling in the same direction on parelle tracks. Train A is traveling at 40 miles per hour and train B is traveling at 50 miles per hour.?

That's nice.Train B will pass Train A at a relative speed of 10 miles per hour.After that, Train B will increase its lead in front of Train A by 10 miles for every hour they both continue rolling.

What is faster a train or a airplane?

Planes, on average, are faster than trains. With most planes traveling at 400 to 500mph while even the fastest conventional train in regular operation only goes 200mph

What is the speed of a train traveling a distance of 120 miles at 60 MPH?

Seriously? 60 miles per hour..... It would take 2 hours to travel the distance if that's what you meant to ask. Speed = Distance/Time so Time = Distance/Speed

Distance between madurai to Salem?

Distance from Salem to Madurai is 243 Kilometers / 151 Miles.4 to 5 hr traveling time by Train

Can a plane or train go faster traveling 2200 miles?

A plane.

If a train is traveling 90 miles per hour how many feet is it traveling per second?

132 fps

If train A is traveling 100 miles per hour and train b is traveling 125mph if train A reaches a station a 120pm and train B reaches the same staion at 132pm what time will train B catch up to train?

it would take 36 minutes.

Do you think traveling by bus is better than traveling by train in India?

Trains are comfortable than buses for long distance traval

How long would it take to travel 46 miles by train?

Speed = distance / time, so time = distance / speed. Therefore, to get the answer, divide 46 miles by the speed of the train.

What is the distance between windsor train station and Ottawa train station?

7072.64 miles

A train that is exactly 1 mile long starts through a tunnel that is also 1 mile long If the train is traveling at 15 miles per hour how long does it take for the train to get completely out of tunnel?

It needs to travel 2 miles. Time = Distance/Speed = 2/15 hours = 8 minutes.

What is walking distance from Liverpool street train station to vauxhall train station?

About 5 miles.

What is the distance between euston train station to victoria train station london?

About 4 miles.

What is the distance between Washington DC and New York by train?

203.99 miles

Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train?

traveling by train advantages and disadvantages

How long does it take between Tokyo to Kyoto?

The distance between Tokyo, Japan and Kyoto, Japan is 230.25 miles. Please be more specific on what way you are traveling (example: car, train, plane).

What is the distance between Glasgow and Aberdeen using train?

150 miles

Distance on train between austin and dallas texas?

About 200 miles

How long is a train ride from New York to Florida?

It depends where in Florida and where in New York you are traveling from. The average distance is 27 hours for one train and 31.5 hours for another train.

A train left Shawnee traveling due west at 90 miles per hour A car left Shawnee at the same time traveling due east at 60 miles per hour How much time will pass before the train and car are 405 mile?


What is the minimum distance required to stop the train?

This depends upon the type of train, its tonnage. and the speed it is travelling. Passenger trains can stop much faster than a freight train. A passenger train at normal speeds of 60mph to 110 mph can be stopped in well under a mile, minimum distance as short as 2500 feet. A heavy freight train traveling at 40mph can take nearly 2 miles to stop.

Distance in miles from New York to Boston?

On Amtrak, the distance is 231 miles and takes 3 hours and 45 minutes on an Acela Express train.