If a virgin get some semen on her virignal opening what are her chances of getting pregnant?


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Not very likely, but it is possible.

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your chances of becomming pregnant are good. there are sperm in the pre-cum and they can swim real good. I was taught for seven days you could get pregnant.

Wouldnt it have to reach the opening? Im not sure if that's possible.

If the condom came of but the open end of it was outside the vagina there is little or no chance of getting pregnant.

Thank goodnes, no. But if you get semen (which sperms come in) on your fingers and then touch around the opening to your birth canal, there is a chance of getting pregnant.

The chance is very rare, considering you were on the last day of your cycle. However, anytime semen comes in contact with your vagina, you run the chance of becoming pregnant. Take a test or see a doctor to be sure.

There's only 2 body cavities to choose from and it's not the anus, it's the vaginal opening.

The opening to the urethra is on the outside and the semen is inside you so no, that is physically impossible.

Chances are the girl is most likely not pregnant, however she may want to try a traditional home pregnancy test just to be safe. And next time you should be more careful because remember all it takes is for one sperm to reach the opening of her vagina and the chances of pregnancy become very high.

If the sex was protected and sperm could not get in to direct contact with the vaginal opening your chances to have fallen pregnnat is 0%. Relax.

As long as you have a functioning ovary and a uterus, then yes, you can get pregnant.

If the penis can get through the vaginal opening and ejaculate, sperm can get to an egg and you can get pregnant.

Probably slim to none depending onif the semen touched your opening at all...but you better take a pregnancy test or the day after pill if you're worried...trust your intuition its usually right

You don't urinate from your vagina, you urinate from your urethra, the opening of which is the hole next to your vaginal opening. Urinating does not stop you from getting your period.

All depends on the person, I have known someone who claimed to have gotten pregnant from pre-cum and she swears she never had actual sex, but you should be find as long as he didn't come in you, your chances are very slim at best.

They put their finger round the opening to the uterus

Very slim unless you plan to be artifcially inseminated. Do you mean like The Virgin Mary? "Fooling around" and getting semen near the opening can lead to pregnancy. Even the existence of the hymen is not enough to prevent a pregnancy from occurring.

it depends what the things are you get out of them

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