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No, being sick or having a viral illness will not affect the results of a pregnancy test.


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Q: If a woman has a virus or if she is sick could a pregnancy test be inaccurate?
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Could pariod symptoms be pregnancy symptom?

Every woman is different. So are her experiences of pregnancy. Not every woman has the same symptoms or even the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next.

Why could a woman have sensitive sore nipples?

It could be period-related, pregnancy-related or hormone-related.

Can you have a few symptoms or will you have all symptoms of pregnancy?

Every woman is different. So are her experiences of pregnancy. Not every woman has the same symptoms or even the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next. A pregnant woman could have all symptoms, or maybe have only one or two.

How can a woman know that she is pregnant?

She could have a pregnancy test, or she could just wait about 9 months and see if a child pops out.

Could i be pregnant Soft high cervix?

For me it was during each pregnancy, BUT every woman is different.

What cause the feeling of bad smell of food and feel like vomiting?

If you are a woman, it could be pregnancy.

Are home pregnancy tests right?

It depends. Very early in a pregnancy they can be extremely inaccurate. When I was trying to find out if I was pregnant I took 6 pregnancy tests. 4 of them read negative and the other two read positive. I WAS pregnant. EPT usually seems to be very accurate. I suppose it depends how far along the woman is and which test they use.

Could a woman go for pregnancy with CMV IgG equal to 353?

I am not sure, please consult with doctor

Can a kiss could cause a woman's pregnancy?

No it cannot bcos without sex a woman cannot concive

If i have some of the same symptoms of pregnancy but not the big ones could you still be pregnant?

Yes, every woman is different,I would take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

If you dont have sensitive breasts could you still be pregnant?

If your having uprotected sex pregnancy could happen. You dont have to have sensitive breast to be pregnant every woman is different so we all get differnet signs of pregnancy

When pregnant when does bloating start?

There is no set time for any pregnancy symptom to start nor any guarantee that you will have it. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. You could have it around 5 or 6 weeks or you could never have it.

Who discovered the West Nile Virus?

Woman in Ugandawest nile virus

How many days can you know that a woman is pregnant?

14 days after conception a woman can determine pregnancy with a pregnancy test.

Does pregnancy hormones end relationships?

It could if you become the pregnant woman of all pregnant women. The Bridezilla of pregnant

Why can't chemotherapy be used on a pregnant woman?

In the first few months of pregnancy chemotherapy could harm the baby.

What are the cervical mucus changes in pregnancy?

Cervical mucus changes vary from not only woman to woman but also pregnancy to pregnancy. A woman can have one pregnancy where she has a ton of extra cervical discharge and then another pregnancy where she has absolutely none. Typically cervical mucus in pregnancy dries up somewhat but it is not uncommon for a woman to have a lotion-like cervical mucus during her pregnancy or somewhere in between the dry and lotion-like consistencies. There is no one cervical mucus that can determine pregnancy.

Why do i keep getting hot flashes and feeling sick?

It could be the start of your menopause (assuming you are a woman of a certain mature age). Or, it could be a sign of pregnancy!

Does every woman leak colostrum during pregnancy?

No, not every woman leaks colostrum during pregnancy. Some women do, some do not. It is different with each pregnancy as well. A woman might leak during her first pregnancy and not her second or she might leak during every pregnancy or never during any pregnancy. Either way is NORMAL.

Can a woman avoid pregnancy?

Yes, A woman can avoid pregnancy by not engaging in sexual intercourse. There are also contraceptives that are available as well.

When your pregnant when do you get food cravings?

Each pregnancy and each woman is different. You could have food cravings, you could have strange food cravings. You'll just know when you have them.

Is it necessary to feel the symptoms of pregnancy?

No. Every pregnancy is different, and every woman experiences pregnancy different.

What is primigravida?

A woman in her first pregnancy.

What is a primipara?

A woman in her first pregnancy.

Can a woman crave a penis during her pregnancy?

There are times during the pregnancy when a woman wants sex more than usual, yes.