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Yes it does mean that.

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How can a woman transmit herpes to another woman?

A woman can transmit herpes to another woman.

Should a woman without herpes continue dating a man with herpes?

The answer is definitely YES. Your life is not over if you contracted herpes or any other std. You can even find specialized herpes dating sites helping finding partners with HPV or STDs. Google the term herpesdatingsites4u Good luck!

Can a woman get cervicitis from a partner that has genital herpes?

A woman can get cervicitis from a partner that has genital herpes.

You are man with herpes simplex 2 can you still have children without passing it to them?

Yes, the only way it could be contracted from a parent is if their was contact during vaginal birth and the woman had it. They might give the woman a c-section to prevent that.

Can herpes kill a pregnant woman and her child?

Not usually. There are safe ways to treat herpes while pregnant. Antiviral medication is safe to take and the mother should be taking it if she has herpes and is pregnant. If herpes was contracted a few weeks or months before getting pregnant then the mother could have a misscariage due to stress of a break out. But if the mother has had herpes long before she got pregnant then there shouldn't be any risk to the baby.

Can herpes sterilize a man?

No; herpes will not sterilize a man or a woman.

Does genital herpes affect fertility in a woman?

NO, herpes doesn't have any affect on fertlility in a woman or man.

Can a woman give a man herpes?

Any one that has sex and has herpes can give or get herpes. Neither sex is more suceptable to getting herpes.

Can a woman still get pregnant if her and her partner has genital herpes?

Yes you can still get pregnant with herpes.

Is genital herpes more common in woman?

Genital herpes is more common in women.

Can 68 yr old woman have genital herpes who is not sevually active?

If she contracted herpes earlier in her life then yes she still has it. Herpes is a permanent virus, it doesn't go away over time. If she has never been sexually active (never had oral sex or intercourse before)then there wouldn't be a risk of her having herpes. Being sexually active means you have had sex before, even if she hasn't had sex in a long time. Herpes doesn't care how old you are, it can affect you at any age.

Can a woman give herpes to another woman?

Yes its as contageous as hell

A man has herpes on his chin can a woman catch it?

Yes, a woman can catch it.

Can a man sleep with a woman who has herpes not clean up then go to another woman and give her herpes from the first woman?

Yes. And cleaning up is far from a guarantee of not passing it on anyhow.

What are the different kinds of herpes for woman?

The two common types of herpes are oral herpes (what causes cold sores and fever blisters) or genital herpes. They can affect both men and women.

Should a man with herpes continue dating a woman without herpes?

rap before u tap

Can a woman who has been celibate for years get herpes?

Unless previously infected, a celibate person will not have genital herpes.

Is herpes discharge clear?

The discharge from herpes sores can be clear or pus-like. A woman with herpes on the cervix may have a clear vaginal discharge without odor.

Is mayonnaise a disease?

Yes. It is a form of cancer contracted from being a woman

Queen Latifah is she married to woman?

no she is not married to a woman

If a man has genital herpes can his sperm cause the woman to miscarry?

No it can not.

Is it safe getting a blowj ob from a woman with herpes?

It is not safe.

Can animals get STDs-one of my family members has herpes and she left her tampon in the trash where my ferret accidentally ate it eeww. Now he has an infection on his ear-could he have herpes?

The chances that a human virus, such as the herpes virus, mutates and gets tansferred to an animal is very rare. In this case, i would say the chances your ferret contracted herpes from eating a tampon that had been used by a herpes positive woman is ridiculously low. If you are concerned about the infection on your ferrets ear, I would take him to the vet. The cause of the infection is most likely a ferret viral infection, bacteria, mites, a rash etc...

What is a married woman called?

A married woman is called a wife

Can you get a false positive test for herpes with a pap smear?

If a pap smear shows herpes, it is likely to be a true diagnosis. A normal pap smear doesn't mean that a woman doesn't have herpes, but herpes on a pap smear means she is infected.