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Yes some people have spotting curing pregnancy and I know women who had a regular period the whole nine months. Bleeding can also mean something more serious so you should probably see a doctor just to be safe.

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Hello, Once you become pregnant you will not have a normal period. A period is caused by the unfertilized egg breaking away and this causes the releasing of blood which is known as a period. When conception occurs there is no breaking away of the egg so no period. However it is possible to experience light vaginal bleeding for less than 48 hours when you have conceived. This bleeding is implantation bleeding and not a period but it can easily be mistaken for a period.

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It isn;t normal, however there are cases where even though a women is pregnet you can still have a period.

Either way though, you should still see a doctor.

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Q: If a woman is 2 months pregnant is it normal for her to have a period?
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How many weeks is a woman pregnant?

40 weeks is a normal period. So almost ten months.

Can a woman get her normal period 8 or 9 days after conception?

If a woman gets her period it is unlikely that she is pregnant

Is it normal for a woman not to see a period?

It is it might mean that you are pregnant!

Is it normal not to look pregnant when you are in fact 5 months pregnant?

For many woman, yes. Especially with the first pregnancy.

Is a woman pregnant for nine or ten months?

A woman is pregnant for nine months.

After conception does the woman tend to spot during the time her mentrual cycle would occur?

Each time I have been pregnant, I had spotting at the normal time of my period for the first 3 months.

Does vomiting in the first month normal for a pregnant woman?

Vomiting typically starts one and half months after the last period. It lasts till three months of last period. Before and after this period, there is nausea for few days. Vomiting is normal in this period. Your doctor will give you few tablets to be taken during this period. They can be taken safely, to prevent the vomiting.

If you got pregnant on the 15th day after period that would be eight days before menstal cycle would you get period?

it isnot uncommon for a woman to have her period for up to 3 months after being pregnant.

How long is a kagaroo pregnant for?

a kangaroo is pregnant for the same period of time as a human woman. 9 months. kangaroos can even have a caesarian section.

Had period dec4 to dec11and again dec28 to jan6could you be pregnant?

some woman will skip their period its normal. but you should ask your docter

When 3 months into pregnancy can a woman continue to have her period?

Type your answer here... yes it happened to me. I was 10 weeks pregnant ad having my period.

When is the baby due if you got pregnant on your period?

Typically women do not become pregnant on their periods. However, the baby would be due 9 months from the day the woman became pregnant.