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Oral will not get a woman preganant.

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Q: If a women Drink sperm will that make a baby?
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Where are cells that make a baby produced?

The egg cell is made in the ovaries(women) and sperm in made in the testicles.

How do I make if I haven't had a baby?

Well the correct term to make a baby is called sex. there are 2 kinds: Sex and Safe Sex. Safe Sex is when men use a condom, the condom is used for protecting their sperm which makes the baby, this prevents the sperm from coming out. So if you want to make a baby you don't use a condom. Sex is when a men puts his groin in the women's vagina and the sperm is released. Sperm goes to the uterus and fertilizes the women's egg and that creates the baby. You won't have your period for the next 9 months.

What kind of sperm can make women pregnant?

Any sperm can get a women pregnant.

Can a female sperm?

No! Women make eggs, men make sperm.

what happen when a man swallow the woman sperm?

Women do not make sperm.

How can you make your wife drink your sperm?

A person cannot make their wife drink their sperm. It is a choice a woman can make to do, however if forced it can become a crime, and legal action can be taken.

Is it bad for pregnant women to drink salt water?

excess salt is bad to the body and you have to remember everything you drink or eat your baby is getting to. salt will make you thirsty and your baby too, it will dry you out

What does a sperm and egg make together?

A baby..

How many sperm does it take to make a baby?

1 sperm is all it takes.

Why should women not smoke or drink alcohol when pregnant?

Because if you drink alcohol then that can damage the foetus. If you smoke then that can damage the baby's lungs and make it difficult to breath.

Do girls have sperm cells?

No of course not! Men have the equipment that comes with its own agent to contribute to making a baby. We have eggs! The sperm (which only men have) fertilizies the egg (which only women have) to make a baby!

How do you make my baby guinea pig drink water?

You can't make them drink they drink on their own.

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