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Was you can get pregnant with a boy?

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If the male's sperm comes in contact with the females vagina, the female can get pregnant.

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Can you get pregnant by using the bathroom after a boy?

No you can not get pregnant by using the bathroom after a boy.

Can boy cats be pregnant?

No a boy cat can not get pregnant. It is geneticaly immpossible for a boy cat to get pregnant. just like a man cant get pregnant or any wild male animal for that matter.

If you want to have a baby boy what is the best way to get pregnant with a boy?

There isn't a way of making yourself pregnant with a boy

Can a boy get pergnent?

No a boy can not get pregnant, as he does not have a uterus.

Can a girl get pregnant if the boy doesnt pull out?

Yes.A girl can even get pregnant if the boy does pull out.

Does a girl get pregnant if a boy hugs her tightly?

If a boy just hugs a girl tightly, no. She will not be pregnant.

Is jessica rey pregnant?

yes she is pregnant with a boy

Can a boy be pregnant and why?

No, not unless the boy has female reproductive parts. If you don't have ovaries and a uterus, you cannot get pregnant.

A boy put his finger in your vagina can you get pregnant?

If that is all he does then no, you will not get pregnant.

Can a boy rabbit be pregnant?

No, only female rabbits get pregnant.

Can boy get pregnant?

Boys do not have the organs needed to become pregnant.

How do you get pregnant if you're a boy?

Not possible, only females get pregnant.

If you hug a boy will you get pregnant?

If you hug a boy you wont get pregnant, in order for that to happen sexual intercourse needs to take place.

If16 years girl by boy she is going to be pregnant?

if you have sex with a 16yo boy and you are a 16yo girl of course you risk getting pregnant. 16yo get pregnant every day.

Is being bloated a symptom of being pregnant?

No,if your a boy your not gonna be pregnant

Can your fat boy hamster be a pregnant female?

If it is male then it cannot be pregnant.

Can a girl become pregnant if a boy kisses her?

You need to have sex to get pregnant.

How do girs get pregnant?

when a boy ejaculates into her vagina, there is a good chance she will get pregnant.

13 year old boy make girl pregnant?

Yes, a 13 year old boy can make a girl pregnant.

Do you get pregnant by a boy peeing in a girls pee hole?

NO. You get pregnant by coming into a vage.

Can a girl guinea pig get pregnant with a boy rabbit?

No the guinea pig will no get pregnant.

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