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no this doesnt mean you are pregnant just that u are sensitive and you might have underlying should call your doc back and have another visit

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You are ttc and you ovulated on 1017 and am having a lot of cramping and no af but am having a lot of white discharge no stds or infection and no smell is this a symptom of pregnancy?

I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge. I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge.

Does the cramping you get when pregnant feel like the cramping you get when getting your periods?

sometimes that is what i is mistaken for but i have heard there are there diffrernces, sorry i dont really no much more

Can the Depo shot be the cause of really bad cramps and spotting?

Absolutely. The Depo Shot has different effects with different people. If you have just started this form of birth control, you could be getting cramps, and spotting can continue for several shot treatments. If your cramps are bad, please see your doctor and let them know--just in case--and if nothing else (s)he can give you some meds to calm your cramping.

Is cramping and lower abdominal pressure normal during early pregnancy?

There is such a wide range of normal that I would not worry unless the cramps are really bad and/or you have bleeding.

What does is mean if you have cramps for a few weeks?

You may be pregnant, getting your period, or really working your mussels.

My period is now 9 days late am really hormonal tired get dizzy when i stand up and im having bad cramps as if im about to come on my period could i be pregnant if im getting the period like cramps?

when you are late the chances of you being pregnant are huge. cramping and spotting are normal when you enter the first month of pregnancy. the only thing is that you monitor how much cramping you have and not have heavy bleeding if so you need to get medical attention cause that could be a sign of infection or it could mean you are having a miscarriage.

How do girl get rid of cramps?

You really can't get rid of cramps. They just come, but it depends on why you are cramping.When you have your period and have those painful, horrible cramps... I suggest taking Advil to ease the pain. It works for 3 or 4 hours.If your doing sports, drink a lot of water!Don't eat to much when doing sports!Hope this has helped!

Do you start getting cramps 4 days after the sperm meets egg?

I guess it really just depends on the woman. Each woman is different. Generally women will start cramping the day their period is due, that usually only lasts for a couple of hours. Like I said though, it just depends on the individual.

Is waking up with cramping in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?

my friend just found out she was pregnant. and the whole reason why she took the test was because she had cramps in her stomach and then missed her period. so it could be a possibility. that is also how my other friend found out. she had really bad stomach cramps and went to the hospital and found out.

What is cramping?

A really painful pain around your belly.

Are headaches and cramping a early pregnancy symptom?

not really

How do you stop yourself getting cramps?

Depends. If its regular cramps, just lay down and relax, or, bending your body side to side sometimes helps. If its menstrual cramps, then taking a Motrin, or two if its really bad, helps so much! It just takes about 20 minutes to start working.

Is cramping in your second trimester normal?

Yes it can be normal, i had it quite badly. It was the ligaments and your uterus stretching to accomodate the growing baby!If it really bothers you, check with your Dr. ---- I myself usually get cramping at night. Sometimes they feel like period cramps. When I wake up in the morning I feel like the baby has grown! It's normal as long as it's not severe and no bleeding.

This is for girls I am going into puberty and I am getting cramps right under my stomach like your supposed too what should I do to help the pain it really hurts?

There are some simple things that you can do to help ease the pain. Take an over-the-counter pain medication, like Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofin. Some medications (like Mydol) are specifically there form cramping and stuff. Eat a healthy diet, it can help. Potassium (like in bananas) is good at easing cramping muscles. Light exercise can also help your body naturaly relieve cramps. Taking a hot shower or bath or holding a heated rag against your stomach can also help, too.

How do you prevent muscle cramps while swimming?

Try to really stretch and do some excersises before getting in the pool to loosen your muscles up. Hope this helps!

How does it feel wen a girl is on their period?

Bad cuz some girls Get really bad cramps that they can't even get out of bed or walk is really painful. I HATE CRAMPS>=[

Why am I cramping but my period hasn't begun I normally only cramp on the first day of my period what is up?

I sometimes get really bad cramps two days before my period. It has happen to me a few times. Don't stress it should come. Give it a couple of days

Is something wrong with you if you have really bad cramps when you are and are not on your period?

Really bad cramps -- whether you are male or female -- are NEVER normal. Please contact a doctor for answers to your specific problem.

Why are you having period cramps but no period?

um it could be because you are close to your period. inside your body is getting ready for it so that's why it hurts to be sure were a pad just in case because your probably really close; but if you have cramps for a long period of time like i have there is no explantion

How do you treat leg cramps?

Just stretch really well

What do you do when you have painful cramps?

Use a heating Pad. It really helps.

If am only a month should i be having cramping and see my mucus plug i recently finished treating BV and a yeast infection?

also, i barely found out i was PG yesterday after taking a home pregnancy test because i was suppose to start on Saturday, I've been getting alot of crampage, usually my menstraul cramps are really painful so I've been disreguarding these ones which feel about the same to me

Do all girls get cramps before they start there period?

Not all girls have cramps before their period. For me, I usually have cramps for 2 to 3 days before I actually start. My cramps are dull and achy not really sharp pains! Hope this helps(:

You had cramping for a couple hours mild cramping and dark spotting.Is this signs of miscarriage or is it normal?

Get to a doctor. Everything might be okay, but do you really want to take a chance?

How do you get rid of diarrhea cramps?

i don't really know how to get rid of the cramps Ive got the cramps right now, all i can say is don't ever have paracetamol it will just make the cramps worse mostly if you haven't ate anything hope you get better ; )

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