If all zips are zoodles?

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Then all hips must be hoodles, and all pips must be poodles.

Is there a list of all zip codes by congressional district?

You might take a look at the Census Bureau's Z5CTA files, I believe they include the congressional district. One thing to remember is that there are quite a few ZIPs that cross congressional district boundaries. I know that the Postal Service does not publish such a list, although the information is ( Full Answer )

What does the 'ZIP' in ZIP code mean?

The ZIP in Zip code'ZIP' actually stands for Zone Improvement Plan, designed to improve mail sorting and delivery and make it more efficient. ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) Code Like most innovations, ZIP Codes were not revolutionary but an evolutionary development of the WWII-era Zone program. The ZI ( Full Answer )

When was the zip invented?

1893 . TRAVELLING salesman and part-time inventor Whitcomb L. Judson lodged his patent for "shoe fasteners" in 1893. Truly a revolutionary form of fastening, and it was recognised as such by the Patent Office examiner. But despite that, patent number 504,038 was hardly contested ground. Had it not ( Full Answer )

What is zip code?

In America it is called a zip code, but in England it is called a postcode. So, basically, zip code means postcode.

What is a zip file?

Answer . .zip is a form of compressed file they figured out a way to squeeze the data into fewer bytes for transmission or storage. Actually, they figured out lots of ways ... zip files are one of them.

What is a zip job?

The accidental (or possibly masochistic) act of 'zipping yourself.' The zip job is generally the collision of a desperately needed bathroom break and being in a hurry to get somewhere.

Were does zips come from?

Zip comes from when Akron used to produce zippers. They were at first called zippers, but that was later shortened to Zips!

What is the ZIP code for all countries?

Only the United States has ZIP Codes ® . Other countries have various systems of postal codes, but the name "ZIP Code" applies only to the United States.

What are the zip code of all country?

There are many different zip codes in the United States. One of thezip codes in Cincinnati is 45202. The zip code for Independence, KYis 41051.

All zip codes of the cities of Pakistan?

Hi there Below is the list of postal code of the cities in Pakistan: Abbottabad 22010 Attock 43600 Badin 72220 Bagh (A.J.K) 12500 Bahawalnagar 62300 Bahawalpur 63100 Bannu 28100 Balakot 21230 Bhakkar 30000 Chaklala Cantt. 46200 Chakwal 48800 Charsadda 24420 Chitral 17200 ( Full Answer )

What is a zip reader?

A Zip Reader is a special Software program that is needed to openZip files. Zip files are usually compressed private files on acomputer, that the user has chosen to save in a shortened form.

How do zips work?

Well, depends on what you mean, .zip files (considering this is the technology section), or zips as in additions to clothing. Zips (on a piece of clothing) will allow two sides of fabrics to be joint together, and be separted with ease. Think of them as hands on either side, when you pull the zip ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a list of zip codes for all 50 US states?

Zip Codes for every location in the USA (including possessions andterritories) can be found at USPS.COM (see link). The StatGraphica site allows you to create and download the entirelist with town, county, state, and other measures if you want them.It should be available later today. .

What is win zip?

This is a proprietary file archiver and compressor for Microsoft Windows, developed by WinZip Mak. It is used to compress data therefore it saves lot time and space.

What is a Zip on a computer?

It refers to a type of compressed file, that has to be "unzipped" before it can be read.

What does a zip disk do?

A ZIP disk is a small portable storage medium, either 100 MB or 250MB depending on formatting. Its from the Iomega company. For a few years in the late 1990s, almost every computer you bought would have one of these. with the advent of thumb drives, cd/dvd burners, cheap portable drives... the ZIP d ( Full Answer )

What does ZIP means in zip code?

because archive compression is like a zip(per): you zip it up, it's closed. Another answer, which is probably the one that has to do with zip codes: Dictionaries say that "zip" in "zip code" is from the initial letters of "zone improvement plan." "Zip" was also already a word meaning "to cause t ( Full Answer )

What is the abbreviation for ZIP?

As used in US postal (or ZIP) codes, "ZIP" stands for "Zone Improvement Plan.". US postal addresses in large cities used to include a Postal Zone number of two digits, as in "New York 13, NY." To increase the ability to automate the mail distribution system, zones were expanded to address numerical ( Full Answer )

How do you get zip password?

You can try some softwares ,such as Password Unlocker , Zip Password unlocker and so on. You can find them though google. I hope this information will be helpful.Thanks.

Who wrote Zip zip goes to mars?

There is no book entitled "Zip-Zip Goes to Mars." There is, however, a book entitled "Zip-Zip goes to Venus," and another entitled "Zip-Zip and the Red Planet." These, as well as "Zip-Zip and his Flying Saucer," were written by John M. Schealer. If you're interested in finding a copy of the book(s ( Full Answer )

All countries zip codes?

Only the United States and the Philippines have ZIPCodes ® . Other countries have various systems of postalcodes, but the name "ZIP Code" applies only to the postal codesused by the United States and the Philippines. Note that the Philippines Zip Code system is completely separatefrom the US Zip ( Full Answer )

What are zips used for?

a zip is used for fastening a coat, skirt, trousers etc. you can buy them loose to sew on yourself. they aren't cheap and you can buy them in any craft shop or supermarket

What is the zip for India?

Are you talking about postal code of India.As we know there are different codes for different cities.For Bhopal it is 462001.

Why do you have zip codes?

To identify the different areas in the United States. A Zip Code (named for Zone Improvement Plan ) identifies a specific area of the country numerically, without regard to duplicate street names, city names, or state identifiers. The first five digits typically define a delivery area or post off ( Full Answer )

What are zip file?

The ZIP file type is primarily associated with 'Compressed Archive File'. A .ZIP file is a compressed archive. It can contain only one file or many files in multiple directories. ZIP utilities allow you to extract single files or a complete directory structure. The ZIP file format is a common arch ( Full Answer )

Where are zips made?

Zip codes are determined by the United States government. The US postal service is the one section that actually assigns them, because they are primarily used for shipping services.

What to type in Zip?

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury? Chocolate roads and trees and birds and bees Delivering all kinds of letters daily, Every kind of purple parcel too. And if the dog did try and grab a mouthful, You could bite him back he'd taste delightful! Wouldn't it be nice? . Wouldn't it be nice if ( Full Answer )

What are all of the Zip Codes for Toledo Ohio?

The Zip Codes for Toledo Ohio are as followed: . 43601 . 43602 . 43603 . 43604 . 43605 . 43606 . 43607 . 43608 . 43609 . 43610 . 43611 . 43612 . 43613 . 43614 . 43615 . 43617 . 43620 . 43623 . 43624 . 43635 . 43652 . 43654 . 43656 . 43657 . 43659 . 43660 . 43661 . 43666 ( Full Answer )

Why do you zip a file?

In order to make it occupy less memory space. This also helps whilesending files via Internet. B1 Free Archiver can suggest many otheruseful zipping purposes.

What are all the zip codes in Macon Georgia?

There are 21 zip codes . 31201 . 31202 (P.O. Box) . 31203 (P.O. Box) . 31204 . 31205 (P.O. Box) . 31206 . 31207 (Unique) . 31208 (P.O. Box) . 31209 (P.O. Box) . 31210 . 31211 . 31212 (P.O. Box) . 31213 (Unique) . 31216 . 31217 . 31220 . 31221 (P.O. Box) . 31294 (Unique) . 31 ( Full Answer )

How do you get zip code?

Zip codes are used for mail in the United States. A zip code is usually tied in with a county, however, they can overlap counties. Your zip code depends on where you live.

How do you read a zip?

A zip has 5 numbers. The first number corresponds to love. The second is faith. The third represents your place in comparison to the rest of the world. The fourth is the exact ratio of the amount of dirt that is currently underneath your bed. And the fifth is the age of you mother.

What are all the zip codes for New York State?

There are too many to list here. Visit the related link below and search New York state. You'll find various lists (alphabetical by city, USPS preferred zips, numerical by zip code, etc).

What are the zip codes?

A group of five or nine numbers that are added onto a postal address to make the sorting of mail easier.

Are all zip lock bags recyclable?

All Ziploc bags are recyclable. You can take them to any store that has a plastic bag recycle location. Ziploc has a rewards program that offers credit for the Ziploc bags that you recycle.

How you can get your zip code?

Your local post office has a directory of zip codes; in addition, you can find zip codes on the United States postal service website.

What is a zip for a cell?

The zip code for a cell is typically the zip code on the billing statement.

Where can one find a map of all available ZIP codes?

You can find a map of all available ZIP codes online at the United States Postal Service website. You can also find a Zip code finder and boundary map on the Huge Maps website.

What is a Zip Car?

Zip car is a short-term rental car company. If you need a vehicle for a short time (1-10 hours). Zip car will supply a vehicle for a modest cost to satisfy this need.

What is zip cord?

Zip cord is a type of plastic insulated wire having 2 ormore conductors. These conductors can be easily separated bymanually "unzipping" the cord along a molded indentation betweenconductors. Zip cord with a large number of conductors isusually called ribbon cable .

What is a zip-wire?

A zip-wire is a pulley system attached to cable or wire, attachedto two sturdy objects on an incline, used for transportation orleisure.