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we'd be scared of them.

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Why can't an ant get as big as an elephant?

Does not have a bone structure.

How big is 5 ounce?

It depends are you an ant or a elephant, is your an ant then it's as big as a house, if your a elephant then its the size of a marble, but if your a person then its a little smaller than a coffee mug which is 8oz

Can a ant kill elephant?

One ant can't really kill an elephant. Unless the elephant sees the ant, but that is kind of impossible, and has a heart attack.

Can an ant kill an elephant?

no the elephant will kill it

Whats the opposite to an elephant?

Opposite of elephant?

What body parts are common to an ant and elephant?

What body parts are common to an ant and an elephant? In what way do they differ

Is a ant as important as an elephant?


What is stronger than an elephant?

Nothing's stronger than an elephant.

Which ant is the biggest in the world?

An ElephANT

Is an elephant bigger then an ant?


Which is bigger an ant cell or an elephant cell?

both are same size cell. but elephant just has more cells than ant.

Can an ant eat an elephant?

An ant cannot eat an elephant, one reason is because the elephant could just step on an ant to kill it.2nd Answerer says: Yes, but it would take a very long time.That could be true also, but merely stepping on it would be much easier if the ant was nibbling on the elephant and was visible.

Why cant an ant get as big as an elephant?

I believe its because of the way they breathe air. Ants have little holes on their bodies that take in oxygen and if the ant grew bigger it would have breathing problems.....

How big can an ant get?

a normal ant is ----- this big but a mommy ant is--------- with wings and its fater

What is biggest ant on Earth?

Elephant! hehehe!

Which cell is bigger a cell from an ant or a cell from an elephant?

Trick Question! They are the same size cells. The elephant just has more cells than the ant.

How big is a pituitary gland?

it is as big a elephant it is as big a elephant

What 3 animal names are found in tall elephant or apeman?

There is more than three: "Tall Elephant": Eleplant Ape Hen Ant Peahen Eel Or without rearranging the letters: ant, ape, elephant

Can be small like an ant or big like like an elephant but weigh absolutely nothing?

Yes. CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable

What connection do an ant and an elephant have?

They both live on Earth

How big is an ant?

depends which ant.

What is a Big-headed Ant job?

as big as ant peenis

Size of the Black Carpenter Ant?

it is big

How big is an ant mound?

It depends on the kind of ant. If it's a reagular ant it would be small. If it's a red ant it would be big.

What is the origin of the word sorry?

the elephant who accidentally stepped on the ant