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The organism would be expected to grow better in nutrient agar. Nutrient agar is rich in nutrients and microorganisms grow well when there is availability of nutrients.

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If an organism can grow on both a nutrient agar and a MacConkey Agar on which would you expect it to grow better?

macConkey agar

Would you expect an organism to grow better on Nutrient agar or emb agar?

Nutrient agar is usually best. This nutrient will have some beef extract in it which can provide more nutrients to the organism.

Would you expect a heterotrophic organism to grow in an inorganic synthetic medium?

No because heterotrophic organism require an organic carbon source.

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Why would a biologist expect any newly discovered organism to be made of cells?

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How would you expect the type of respiration an organism carries out to affect the distribution of organisms in an ecosystem?


What structures would you expect to find in a single-celled organism?

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