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Dependant upon WHOM the learner was insured with, who's vehicle he/she was driving, and the legalities such as "was there a licensed driver in the car at the time of accident"? all these things play a role. Contact a lawyer or your broker for a definite answer, but yes, in some instances, the parents can be liable.

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Q: If an uninsured driver with just a learner's permit is involved in a fatal car accident can the uninsured driver's parent's insurance be filed against?
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Would the insurance increase if the driver has an accident with learners permit?

It is possible that the insurance rate would go up if a permitted driver has an accident. Usually, raising insurance rates is not an individual decision.

If you drive on a learners permit with an adult in the car and get in an accident will insurance pay for the damages?

As long as the Adult:Has properly informed the insurance companyHas insuranceWas not drunk or otherwise negligent.

I have my learners permit - does insurance increase when I get my driver's license in NY?

Your Insurance Rates will almost always "decrease" when you obtain your permanent Drivers License, barring any accident or tickets having accumulated while you had the learners permit.

How do you get insurance with just your learners permit?

how do i get car insurance with just my learners permit?

Does a learners permit have to be insured in new york?

Anyone driving in any state is required to be covered on the insurance policy of the vehicle they're operating, whether named on the policy, or covered by uninsured motorist coverage on that policy.

Is it wise to put a person with a learners permit on your car insurance?

It is more expensive but the risk of a car accident is much higher. In case of a lawsuit it is well worth it.

Learners permit insurance loan?

Do not know what you mean by 'insurance loan'?

If my boyfriend was driving my car with his learners permit but I have PLBD insurance on my car would he be covered if we were in an accident?

Contact your agent or policy services dept for your carrier, they will be able to advise you.

If a driver with a learners permit has an accident will they be able to get a license?

It all depends on the state in which the accident happened as well as the type of accident.

Should someone with a learners permit have insurance?


Does insurance cover an accident if the driver has a learners permit when there is not a 21-year-old person with a valid drivers license in the car?

Most likely yes. I know of cases that a completely unlicensed driver causing an accident and the insurance still applied. Most insurance policies don't have a requirement that a person be licensed in order for coverage to apply.

Will insurance companies pay for accident if driver with learners permit was driving alone?

No they won't. A learners permit is not a valid license. They shouldn't be driving without a licensed driver. The owner of the car can be held liable. They can be sued for allowing an unlicensed driver, drive their vehicle.

Can no fault ins be purchased with a learners permit?

No. In any US state insurance companies are only allowed to sell auto insurances of any kind to licensed drivers. The reasoning for this is because in the event that the person with the learners permit fails their road test(s), then the insurance companies are not held liable in the event of an accident. That is why there is a manidtory requirement that the person with the learner's permit drive with a licensed experienced driver in the car at ALL times, so in the event there is an accident, the insurance company will cover it under the licensed driver's policy.

Can you get insurance if you are 17 and have only a learners permit?


Do you need insurance with a learners permit in MD?


Is a non covered driver on your insurance with a learners permit covered if he is involved in an accident while driving with the owner of the car?

Subject to any policy exclusions if they had the owners permission then they more than likely will be considered an insured driver, for the purposes of this question. They of course will need to be listed as a driver on a vehicle in the house hold, (if not immediately, will depend on the rules of your area/insurance company, then certainly once a licensed driver)

Can you get a car in your name with just a learners permit?

You can but it will be expensive on Insurance

What car insurance is available for person on learners permit?


Can you get a car insurance with only a learners permit?

No, you can not get insurance unless you have at least one licensed driver on a policy.

Does the insurance go up if you get a learners permit if you do not have a car or insurance in your name?

How can insurance go up if you don't have it? You have to have it first for it to go up.

Should learners be involved in making the class rules?


Should learners be involved in making the class rule?

for me Maybe ..

Does Florida law require you to have insurance even if you only have a learners permit?

Allstate will not charge you for a driver with a learners permit for the first year.

Should you tell your insurance co when your child gets a learners permit?

It would be a good idea; you can expect your rates to change if you take on a teen driver, and it's better you take care of that sooner than later. (They could deny a claim, if a non-covered motorist is involved in an accident.) You may want to speak with your local agent about it.

Can you drive a rental car with a learners permit?

No, for company insurance reasons