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yes because it's on your record and you want the job so don't lie companies respect people when their upfront and are more willing to give you try if you don't lie on the application so just answer the question according to what is already of fact even though you were not convicted you were given probation so just say yes to cover all the bases so you don't get into any trouble

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If you are convicted of a felony and adjudication is withheld does that mean that you lose your right to vote and bear arms?

If you are legally "Convicted" then Adjudication IS NOT Withheld....the whole reason for a Judge to have the option of Adj With is to stop short of convicting....IF you have a felony charge - and adjudication is withheld - you are not convicted....

Is a person considered a convicted felon if there was adjudication withheld and only served a probation period?

No, I was offered this type of Probation in TX, the Judge told me that if I completed my probation that there would be no record of conviction.

What does it mean when my Disposition reads withheld adjudication with special condition?

Adjudication withheld generally means that while the judge decided you were guilty, he didn't officially enter a conviction on your record. Instead, you were probably placed on probation, and if you complete your probation satisfactorily, you can probably petition to have that removed from your record. If you violate your probation, most likely the disposition will be changed to officially read that you were convicted.

What does adjudication withheld mean?

What does adjudication withheld mean

Is deferred adjudication the same as adjudication withheld?

i was just told yes by a probation officer in Florida. check with the courts or a legal expert in your state.

If you were convicted of a non violent felony and have completed probation in MN can you possess a firearm?

No. If you are a convicted felon then you can not possess a firearm. However if the adjudication of guilt was withheld then you may be able to file to have the charge sealed and be eligible at that time to possess one.

Can you get a gun permit Withheld Adjudication in a felony case?

Yes you can get a gun permit with Adjudication Withheld..

If you were court ordered to enter drug diversion instead of jail time does that mean that you have been convicted of those charges?

Unless you have received an 'Adjudication Withheld' sentence - or "probation before judgement" - it DOES usually mean that you have been convicted. If you weren't the court would not have the authority to order you into treatment and rehab.

Is a adjudication withheld case a conviction?


Does adjudication withheld mean I'm not a convicted felon?

answerAdjudication is an agreement between the defendant and the courts to clear the charge from the docket. For this to occur, the defendant has agreed to complete some sort of arrangement, such as a fine, community service, etc. If the defendant fails to hold up their end of the agreement, then he or she will be convicted of the charge and sentenced accordingly. That conviction will come up in our reports.Adjudication Witheld means you werent convicted,but then you werent Aquitted either.Sometimes the State specifies to dismiss the charges after your probation completed which equals to the same as Aquitted.On all of these you keep your rights,and on a job application you can legally say you werent convicted.

Does adjudication withheld keep you from getting a job?

It is not the adjudication withheld that may prevent employment. It is the public arrest record that may prove difficult.

If you were arrested in NY and had adjudication of guilt withheld on a felony charge Can you ever get to where you can own a firearm in FL?

You will have to retain a lawyer to get a correct, legal and current answer.

If you had adjudication withheld for a speeding ticket will your insurance rates be affected?

I've had three "ADJUDICATION WITHHELD"s for speeding in the last 14 months and my insurance rates have not been effected.

Can you get a job with adjudication withheld?

It's hard as hell, but anything is possible

What does Adjudication deferred mean?

It is often used in cases of probation when the final verdict (adjudication) in the case is withheld pending the completion of a court ordered requirement of the defendant. If the task (whatever it is) is successfully completed the judge MAY render a lesser or more lenient verdict than what was originally anticipated.

Does Adjudication Withheld for a misdemeanor mean you have to go to jail or have probhation?

Hi! No this does not mean you have to go to jail. You might depending on the charges, but for most misdemeanor charges probation will suffice. When it happened to me, I was on probation for 2 weeks, until I fulfilled my requirements given by the judge (a class for the crime I committed).

Can you purchase a gun if you had withheld adjudication?

You need to consult with a lawyer for a legal, current and correct answer.

What does it mean to have Withheld Adjudication forward slash CTS on your case?

CTS probably stands for credit for time served. Withheld adjudication basically means that the defendant was not adjudicated guilty, which will preserve his civil rights once the sanctions are completed. It should be noted that credit for time served will probably not result in a withholding of adjudication because credit for time served is actually a sentence, which cannot be withheld if such sentences pronounced.

What is accelerated rehabilitation disposition?

adjudication withheld, charges being dropped, or getting a clemency pardon.

Wh adj-prob sp cond?

Withheld Adjudication - Probable Special Conditions

Can you become a nurse if you had a felony but adjudication of guilt was withheld?

but were you guilty that is the quistion if you werent than yes

Can you own a gun in Florida if you had a dv charge and the result was adjudication withheld?

You need to talk to a lawyer

Can you legally carry a firearm after having an adjudication withheld on your criminal record?

You will need a lawyer and money to find out the answer.

How long does a possession of marijuana stay on your record in Florida if it is withheld adjudication?

If you are older than 18, forever.

If you have Adjudication withheld can i still buy a gun in fl?

You need a lawyer for the correct and legal answer based on your specifics