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No, your morning sickness has gone away and it usually does at some point. You can get a doctors appointment and they can put a little monitor on your belly if you are worried, but it you are probably just fine. If the baby dies, your body will know and you will go through the miscarraige symptoms (bleeding and cramping are just 2 of them).

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Q: If at nine weeks pregnant your breasts suddenly stop being tender and your morning sickness goes away but you have no bleeding or cramping is it likely that you had a miscarriage?
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Could you be pregnant if you had your period but days before that you had headaches cramping sickness and diarrhea?

you probably had a virus. a normal period means your not pregnant.

Do you always bleed or spot when you miscarry?

You must bleed to miscarry. Your body has built up an environment for the baby which must be expelled from the body once the pregnancy dies. It does this by bleeding. That said, bleeding during a pregnancy does not indicate a miscarriage. There are many other reasons to bleed while pregnant. But you should get all bleeding checked up on. Bleeding is not always the first sign of a miscarriage. Other things that you may experience are cramps and loss of your pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness.

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and at first i had bad morning sickness and tender breast now my breast are just a little tender and im not vomiting much i have no bleeding or cramping is this a miscarriag?

Extremely unlikely. Morning sickness is common at the beginning of pregnancy and if it gets real bad, there are safe medications that can help. Miscarriages most often have bleeding associated. Your doctor can always do a blood test that sees how your pregnancy is going.

Symptoms if u pregnant?

Light spotting and cramping, sore breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, a missed period, and mood swings are all signs of pregnancy.

In 7th week of pregnancy and heavy period with cramping but still getting sickness and pregnancy symptoms whats wrong?

i think u should call ur doc asap because it s never b a good sign to have heavy bleeding while u r pregnant

Can you get morning sickness if your not pregnant?

no you can get morning sickness

How many people die from fifth disease each year?

No, but if your pregnant and you get fifth disease you could pass on the sickness to the fetus and increase risk of still-birth and miscarriage.

Question if you pregnant but dont have morning sickness why its that?

If you are pregnant but do not have morning sickness that is fine. Some women suffer from morning sickness when they are pregnant while others never experience it.

What are the uses of the homeopathic remedy ipecacuanha?

Ipecacuanha is used to treat morning sickness associated with pregnancy, to stop nausea, nosebleeds, dental bleeding, diarrhea with cramping, asthma of sudden onset, hoarseness, exhaustion.

What are common pregnancy symptoms?

A missed period, implantation bleeding, morning sickness and cramping are all common pregnancy symptoms. Many women also experience back pains, sore breasts and fatigue. Morning sickness, or feeling nauseous, is often one of the first symptoms a woman will experience.

Is having morning sickness a good sign that you will be less likely to miscarry a pregnancy?

No. There is no link between the risk for miscarriage and morning sickness.

Do you get sick when your pregnant?

Getting sick during Pregnancy is usually called Morning Sickness. Morning Sickness is one of many thing that can come with being pregnant and not everyone gets morning sickness when they are pregnant.

If I'm 10 days late on period and I've had cramps backache plus sickness can you be suffering a miscarriage without a positive test or any bleeding?

yes, you also could be pregnant if you've been having sexual intercourse. Please consult you family doctor or your ob-gyn for your health and the health of your unborn. God bless you.

What sickness has the same symptoms of being pregnant?

It is called travelling sickness .

What percent of people have morning sickness that is pregnant?

75% of pregnant women experience some morning sickness in early pregnancy.

Is it common to not have morning sickness when you are pregnant?

It is not unusual. Approximately 25% of pregnant women never experience any morning sickness.

Im not pregnant but sometimes you feel morning sickness can this be that im pregnant?

If you are not pregnant then no you cannot be pregnant.

What kind of sickness do you have when you think you might be pregnant?

Hello. Pregnancy is not a sickness hun. I'm not sure what you mean by sickness however. But being sick during pregnancy is called morning sickness. If you think you are pregnant then do a pregnancy test.

What type of sickness do you get before you are pregnant?

There is no specific illness you get before you are pregnant. During pregnancy you can get morning sickness, vomiting. Some get Diabetes.

What are the symptoms for hydrochlorine sickness?

dizziness over heating puking crapping your self stomachaches cramping

Are there physicial symptoms associated with fertilization before implantation examples nausea headache slightly higher BBT temp tender breasts?

ANSWER: Hello, I have been pregnant/miscarriage twice this year and with each I had symptoms during implantation. This time I've experienced intense lower pack back and cramping, along with mild headache, though no bleeding/spotting. So, yes there can be symptoms/cues, but not everyone experiences them. Some women don't experience anything until late in the first trimester. I never had 'morning sickness' with my first child. Everyone is different.

Can one be pregnant and not have morning sickness?

Nearly all women experience morning sickness to one extent or another, however, it is possible to be pregnant and not have morning sickness. It is recommended that women who think they are pregnant take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

Is it possible to be pregnant but get the morning sickness at night?

Yes. Morning sickness is rarely just in the mornings. Many people get sick at night when they are pregnant

Why do pregnant women get morning sickness?

women get morning sickness because there hormones are changing.

Had bleeding and brown spots and bad cramps and now morning sickness has stopped since but still having cramps whats happening?

You may be pregnant go take a pregnancy test.