If both parents die on the sims 3 where would the child go?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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It depends how old the child is. If it is a baby, toddler or child, then it will be taken in a van to social services and then the household is over. If it's a teenager, you can take the challenge of living on your own as a teen. HOWEVER... teens can only get part-time jobs which pay really low salary and they still have to pay bills, plus there's school to think about. Also, teens cannot move out, they are basically trapped in a world of practical poverty!

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My youngest sim (kinley) was a toddler when her mom, dad, and older teen brother drowned and died ( hehe) and the babysitter stayed with her until she became a child (which was the day after her brothers death( the brother died 1 day after the parents)) stayed for 2 more days and then just vanished, and now kinley lives alone and goes to school, eats leftovers and quickmeals and fortunately her parents left about $10,000 so she pays the bills and well lives like an adult but she has a curfew. btw shes still a child BUT IDK what happens if they have relitives? sorry

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Q: If both parents die on the sims 3 where would the child go?
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How do you become an orphan on sims 2?

If your toddler or child Sim becomes and orphan (both parents die) the social worker will take them away so you can't play as an orphan child.

How do you get vampires to have babies in the sims 2?

you can have your vamp sims have a baby like any other sim. make sure two sims are in love, then have them relax in a double bed and "try for baby" but if your sim is a vampire, the baby WILL NOT. even if BOTH parents are vampires, they will have a normal human child.

In The Sims 3 for the PS3 can your children grow?

Yes. The children can grow until they are an elder, just like a normal sim. If you are willing to kick out the child's parents, when the child is an adult you could kick out their parents and start a new story with their child.

How do you adopt on the sims 3?

go to you phone and call for services, adoption will be one of them click on that. after a couple of sims hours you will get the option to choose gender and age (baby-child) of your child. then the child will be there NOTE: The ethnicity of you child is random, so if you want a child that looks like your parents, adoption might not be the best option

Do sims grow on sims medieval?

when your sim has a baby, it will turn into a child sometime after, but children never grow into adults, unless there parents die and replaced them, and adults never get any older.

How can you get both sims in a bed?

Well you have to make sure the two Sims really like eachother. In this case, you select both sims and tell them to relax on the chosen bed. If you want a child, you click "Try for baby." If you just.. Want to have some 'fun', select "Woohoo." And of course, if both sims are ready yet, you can select "Kiss" and "Makeout".

How do you have a child on The Sims 3?

you get both sims that are man and woman to relax on the bed click on one of them and it'll say try for baby WARNING this only works for sims that are married engaged or just going out

If the sims 2 .package files were installed to the sims 3 would it just not show up or screw the sims 3 game?


Sims 3 how do you put your kid up for adoption?

You can not put your child up for adoption on the Sims 3. Though, that would be cool if you could!

What do you do if both parents are sick in sims 2?

well, try to keep them away from each other and other sims if at all possible. let them rest and they should be ok in a few days.

Where does the surname sims come from?

Sims, as in the sims 2, comes from simulation.

When parents in sims 3 die can their children go to relatives?

If anyone young adult or older lives in the house when the parents die then the child stays however if the parents die and there is no one young adult or older the child goes to a social worker. If this happens go to edit town and move the child to the relatives house. Teenagers may live on there own and therefore look after children. For Example, if you make a family with 2 adults, 1 Teen, and 1 child, and then kill both adults, you may continue to play the household provided you don't kill the teenager.