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Please see the entire movie... Toy Story... He's just a Toy If that doesn't answer your question, please ask Woody to address your question to Mr. Buzz

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Who is more famous Buzz Lightyear or Garfield?

Buzz Lightyear. Everyone knows him from toy story. Garfield is just a boring old cat. Also because of his line "To infinity and Beyond!"

Do humans have vacuoles?

Ask someone that knows a lot about humans and vacuoles.

What if you really love this guy and you want to kiss him but he rejected you and he knows that you really loves him?

It means that he has an really small weenie and he doesnt want to get aroused around you

Is Arab a virgin?

who knows he doesnt talk about his sex life and doesnt show it either but i highly doubt that hes not

Why did God call us humans?

Simply no one knows exactly WHY God called us humans. Only God knows why we are called humans. Some people believe somethings that why we are called humans,but we cant be sure.

What is the sexual orientation of Mick Thomson?

he doesnt seem gay, but who knows?

Does Selena Gomez sing in Spanish?

no she doesnt but she knows how to speak spanish

When the knows something the doesnt its an example dramatic irony?

reader; character

When the knows something the doesnt it is an example of dramatic irony?

reader; character

Will humans extinct?

Eventually humans will be extinct at the "End of The World" but no one knows when that day will be

What types of worms can humans eat?

nobody knows

What do you do when the girl knows you like him?

if a girl knows you like her, chances are she will flirt back. if she doesnt flirt back...move on, she isn't interested!

What do you do if he knows you like him?

ask him if he feels the same. then if he does ask him out. if he doesnt, at least he was honest.

Why doesnt Selena Gomez wear her purity ring anymore?


What god sees when he answer your prayers?

nobody knows. God doesnt tell us.

When is Inuyasha bi rthday?

nobody really knows,it doesnt say in the show

Can you be roc royal gf?

you can be his girlfriend if he knows u.but if he doesnt then u cant

What happens in a alimentary canal?

it doesnt matter because know one knows why

Does your ex still like you if he still calls you and gets mad if you talk about other boys?

i think he is trying to have it both ways, he doesnt want to be with you, but he doesnt want you to be with anyone else. If you still like him, tell him to stop messing you around, if he wants to be with you, he knows where you are, if he doesnt he needs to leave you to get on with your own life. Yes. Yes.

If a guy knows you like them what do you do?

You should wait a little bit and see if he asks you and if he doesnt then that means that he doesnt like you but you should ask him out and be prepared for a no.

My girlfriend really likes me but she doesnt want any one to know because she is afraid of what people will think of her what do i do?

have fun creating a secret relationship that no one knows about. its fun to sneek around while trying to keep in the dark so no one knows.

What was the first dinosaur to roam the earth?

Everybody knows, humans are the destroyers ,killers,plague,and much more.Remember,humans are meat eater's knows if they were ,the ones that wipe out the dinosaurs and,not a meteor.

Can glycogen be digest?

Glycogen can be digested by humans. Chitin and Cellulose, also knows as fiber, can not be digested by humans.

Does God approve of vitro fertilization?

No-one knows. anyone who says otherwise is wrong. (it doesnt matter as he probably doesnt even exist anyway)

How do you know if a guy you like knows your ALIVE?

sorry but this is going to be creul but if he doesnt talk to you then he doesnt!! you need to talk to him and make yourself a part of his life.