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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases can be reopened after discharge and case closure under certain circumstances. Many bankruptcy courts routinely grant debtors' motions to amend schedules to list previously omitted creditors. But reopening a closed, no-asset case to add a creditor has no effect on whether the omitted debt is discharged.

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Q: If debt included on your bankruptcy had been filed and two years later a record showed up on you for this suit can you get this off your record?
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Can judgments that were included in a bankruptcy filed 10 years ago be removed from the public record?

No. In most cases, public record will remain. That is why many BK attorneys, credit counselors, etc. inform you that a bankruptcy never really "goes away".

Is repossession reported if bankruptcy is filed?

it could go either way. It will say "included in BK" if you included it and repo if you did not.

Can collection agencies pursue you for debts incurred after you have filed a bankruptcy?

NO NOT IF THE DEBTS ARE IN THE BANKRUPTCY. If they are included in the bankruptcy, give them your case info/ lawyer's name. After that they can be fined if they continue to call. If the depts are incurred after the bankruptcy then yes they can.

Can bankruptcy be removed from your credit report if you filed for Chapter 7 but did not complete the proceedings?

No. A bankruptcy becomes a public record as soon as it is filed. Its the same as any other type of lawsuit. Even if they are dismissed, they will still show up when searching for your name. The fact that a bankruptcy was not completed does not negate the fact that it was filed.

If you filed chapter 13 and had it dismissed and paid of the debt is there any way to get it off of your credit report?

No. Filing a bankruptcy creates a public record that does not go away because you did not complete the bankruptcy. - once you file and get a case number you have filed for bankruptcy. if you didn't follow through and it got dismissed is regardless. you still filed for bankruptcy and it will still be on your credit report.

HAS kaiser permanente ever FILED bankruptcy?

do you know if kaiser permanente filed bankruptcy?

If someone filed bankruptcy back in 1999 and a creditor was not listed were they included in the bankruptcy?

No. And if you knew they were a creditor, you could be subject to fraud charges for having filed papers with the court swearing you were declaring your entire financial status and known creditors.

Can a lawsuit be filed against a creditor that has placed a lien on home bought after bankruptcy?

The creditor would have problems enforcing a lien if the debt was included in the bankruptcy. If they were paid off, investigate further. If they were not included, then the lien may be valid.

When filing bankruptcy do you include pending law suits?

Yes, if the lawsuit has been filed it should be included - or if you know its going to be filed you should include as a possible debt.

How soon will a bankruptcy discharge show on a credit report?

The bankruptcy itself will show up on reports very soon after it is FILED. The discharge itself is not reported, just the public record of the bankruptcy itself.

How many times has Dave Ramsey filed bankruptcy?

In his books he states the he has filed bankruptcy twice.

Has the state of Michigan ever filed for bankruptcy?

No. No state has ever filed for bankruptcy. States are not coverd by current U.S. bankruptcy laws.

What are some of the bankruptcy laws when it comes to not notifying my current employer about my bankruptcy filing?

There is no law that requires you to notify your employer that you have filed bankruptcy. It is a public record, though, so it will show up on a background check.

If you filed for bankruptcy 9 years ago can your disability lump sum be garnished?

No, I believe Bankruptcy goes off your record in 7 years. Check the law in your state.

List all NBA players who filed Bankruptcy?

Tracy McGrady filed for bankruptcy in January of 2014

Can After 10 years of a Bankruptcy chapter 7 being dismissed and on your record is there anyway an employer or anyone can find record of this after the 10 years?

Bankruptcies are not supposed to be included on a credit report 10 years after it was filed. There is nothing to prevent someone from accessing bankruptcy court records, newspaper reports of bankruptcy filing, etc., at any time. Most employers and credit-granting entities will just look at the credit reports.

What usually happens to criminal charges for a bad check after bankruptcy?

Normally if the bad checks are included in bankruptcy the charges will be dropped. I really hope this helps you. I filed before charges were filed against me but I have a friend that had 4 outstanding payday loans and they had filed charges for bad checks. The charges were dropped immediately.

When can you file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be filed at any given time depending on if you have ever filed before and when you filed last. There is no specific date as to when you can actually file.

How do you check your bankruptcy date?

You can contact the office of the bankruptcy attorney who is responsible for filing and managing the bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy court will automatically send the bankruptcy attorney copies of the bankruptcy paperwork. In most situations the bankruptcy attorney or the office paralegals will be able to tell you the date of bankruptcy in person or via telephone. Visit the United States Bankruptcy Court Federal Record Retrieval website. Once at the website, enter your name at the time of filing for bankruptcy, the state where the bankruptcy was filed, and the year you believe the case was filed. Then you will get the full details of your date of the bankruptcy.

You are looking for someone who filed for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is filed in federal district court. You may want to start with their files.

How do you add a creditor to a bankruptcy after you have filed?

Check with your bankruptcy lawyer.

Where can I find Free sites to find out if a person has filed bankruptcy?

Google "free sites to find out if a person has filed for bankruptcy".

Has bachrach filed for bankruptcy?

Yes, on May 6th, 2009, Bachrach LLC filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Is Monrovia Nursery filing bankruptcy?

Nope. Monrovia has not filed for bankruptcy

How may you find the date of your bankruptcy?

You can find it from the court where you filed your bankruptcy.