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Sperm cannot live outside the body for very long, but there is a minute possibility that some could survive in this scenario long enough to cause pregnancy.

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Q: If dry sperm enters the vagina can you get pregnant?
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Do some women get pregnant with a dry vagina?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if your vagina is dry.

Can sperm get you pregnant if it's dry?

No, dry sperm = dead sperm.

Could it possible that dry sperm can cause pregnant?

No, dry=dead.

Can you get pregnant from dried sperm on you under ware?

NO u can not get pragnant from dry sperm cause the sperm will be dead

Can you get pregnant though a swim suit in the pool if the the swim suits stayed covering the vagina and penis and all we did was dry hump?

You really need to learn how sex works.To become pregnant, a sperm must come in contact with an egg. If a sperm somehow got through two layers of clothing, found your vagina and swam up the right Fallopian tube to your egg then you could become pregnant. However, sperm don't swim through clothing.

What is sperm like?

It's thick, has the color of dry ice, sometimes sticky, and tastes weird. basically the stuff that comes out during orgasm. It's usually white, and contains sperm cells, and which if enter a women via her vagina, can make her pregnant.

What is the chance of getting pregnant with dry sperm on fingers then fingering a girl?


Can the dry sperm get you preGNANT?

Not very likely, but anything can be possible if there are any sperm still alive. And they are so small there is no way to see them to be sure.

Does vaginal fluid make dry sperm live?

If a sperm has died, there is no reviving that puppy, but the vagina has a fairly constant temperature, and that makes it possible for sperm to live for a little while (usually up to 72 hours), but many will die.

Are you pregnant if I haven't had any discharge from your vagina you have been so dry ever since you had sex?

take a pregnancy test..

Is dry sperm dead sperm?


Is vagina dry before period is common thing?

Yes. You may notice that you have more mucus in between your cycles. That is ovulation, and the increased mucus is to aid the sperm in fertilizing the egg. After ovulation happens, the vagina doesnt need to be as moist, b/c there is no reason it needs sperm to travel. Its normal.

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