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No, the semen has to come inside of her vagina.

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pregnancy is caused by sperm uniting with an egg cell. That is the only way a woman can get pregnant. If theres no sperm on a boys hand, touching will not cause pregnancy.

No, the only way for a woman to get pregnant is for semen to enter the vagina, unless you ejaculate on your hand and put in in her vagina, she will not get pregnant.

Not normally, no. It could only cause pregnancy if there was sperm on his fingers. However, even if he did it would be unlikely to cause pregnancy. Still, it is important to make sure there is no sperm on his fingers if he is going to touch her.

I can happen when there's an egg in a woman's uterus. ONLY GIRLS CAN GET PREGNANT NATURALLY!

Yes you can, but only if its the hand which you hold the racket it in. Note that you can't drop your racket to hit the ball with your hand, your hand still must be touching the racket when you hit it.

only sex can cause a pregnancy. who ever flagged this, the answer is perfectly fine.

Only if both hands have an open wound. or, if the cut hand.. the blood from it(like, if it got onto your hand), makes internal contact.

Pregnancy can only be achieved through the introduction of semen into the vulva, so unless his hand is covered in semen, there is no chance you'll get pregnant.

That was the static electricity acumulated in it. You only had your hand thrown back but riguers in the military have rods to touch underneath a cargo helicopter to release the static electricity acumulated in it. That amount is enought to kill person. I have seen happen.

As far as using birth control pills the only way for the pill to fail is for ovulation to happen and a pregnancy to occur. Pregnancy would be the only proof of failure from the pill.

You first hide a small treat in your hand then you touch his/her paw with the hand that has the treat then lay your hand down and the dog will start touching your hand back only give the treat when he/she does touch your hand.Please be patience this is a hard one for them to learn.

Nothing will happen , as the current always flows from higher potential to lower potential and if the person is touching only live wire then, there is no other path for the current to flow , but if the person touches the ground , the ground is at "0" potential, so, the current tries to flow from live wire to the ground via person , so the person gets shock in that case but not when a person is only touching the live wire and not the ground.

Touching the covered scroll is permitted. Only touching the parchment itself is forbidden. The reason is as a sign of respect. Additionally, as a practical matter, there is the fear that the oils in a person's hand could lead to the ink bleeding on the parchment.

Pregnancy occurs when sperm reaches the egg in the ovaries. So if a male does ejaculate while the penis is in the vagina, then there is a good possibility that she can become pregnant.

Only if you take so much your hand is shaking and you can't hold the stick in the stream of urine.

No that could never happen. Smoking and eating are the only ways to fail a drug test.

For that to happen to a healthy pregnancy it had to be a really bad fall and the miscarriage would not likely be the only injury. The fetus is very well protected in the uterus.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is released only during pregnancy.

If you are only three weeks pregnant, and have a miscarriage, most women will probably think it is just their menstrual cycle, as most women would not bother to look for the poppy-seed-sized embryo. Yes, a miscarriage can happen anytime before 20 weeks of pregnancy, and maybe shortly after, but miscarriages only happen to about 25% of women.

nothing but if you touch the electricity wires you will get a shock but only if you touch them at the same time or one but you are touching that is touching the ground or you are touching the ground

It depends on the player. A cellist who only knows first position can only go up to a D4. The highest pitch that can be played with the left hand touching the fingerboard is an A6, but the cello can go higher.

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