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on the vagina and washed off, I doubt it. Inside the vagina is what it takes.

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If you wash your hands correctly, then the answer is no.

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pregnancy is caused by sperm uniting with an egg cell. That is the only way a woman can get pregnant. If theres no sperm on a boys hand, touching will not cause pregnancy.

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Q: Can a woman get pregnant if boy touch her vagina using hand?
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What hole should be penetrated to make a woman pregnant?

Penetration would occur in the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

Does a female lubricate if she is pregnant?

Yes, her vagina will lubricate if she's aroused. You can have sex with a pregnant woman normally, just like you would have with a non-pregnant woman. It doesn't harm the baby.

Can a girl get pregnant if you cum on her vagina?

There are a series of variables that involved, but generally it'd be very hard to get pregnant by cumming on a woman's vagina. The main reason this is so is because the distance to get to the womb has been vastly increased, and that a woman's "wet" is very basic (the opposite of acidic) and it will kill sperm very easily.A woman's vagina is like this in the first place to prevent infection from pathogens such as bacterial agents and fungus.Nevertheless, if a man has cum part ways inside a woman, there is still a risk of the woman falling pregnant and it would be recommended to monitor whether the woman is pregnant and take subsequent action.Yes, she could get pregnant from this. The sperm can travel up the vagina and to the egg. They can then fertilise the egg.

Can woman get pregnant if man ejaculated sperm in her vagina?

Yes. That's how pregnancy works!

Can a woman get pregnant if the sperm is injected through hands?

No only if the sperm enters the vagina

Can a woman get pregnant in the first time?

Yes, it's highly possible any woman can get pregnant their first time. In fact, it is possible that the woman can get pregnant without pentration of the vagina, or even without orgasm of the male. This is because, immediately following erection, a small amount of pre-ejaculate appears at the tip of the penis, and if this is touched or transferred to the vulva/vagina, the female can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from a girl?

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

How many hours is a pregnant woman usually in labor?

The deliver of a baby varies from woman to woman.

French kiss lead to pregnancy?

The only way for a woman to get pregnant is for male semen to enter her vagina. So no, kissing will not get you pregnant.

If a boy touches his penis and hugs a girl by touching the waist will that cause pregnancy?

No, the only way for a woman to get pregnant is for semen to enter the vagina, unless you ejaculate on your hand and put in in her vagina, she will not get pregnant.

Can a woman still get pregnant if there isn't any semen in her vagina?

NOPE! key ingredient missing.

What cause women to get pregnant?

when woman ovulate and sperm enters her vagina they form zygote and get pregnanant