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No, all that is necessary is that semen get into the vagina. If the man pulls out and actually reaches climax outside the vagina, but semen gets inside, the woman can still get pregnant, or any disease he may be carrying.

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Q: Do men need to climax inside vagina for the woman to get pregnant?
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Can sperm outside the vagina make a woman pregnant?

No. Sperm inside the vagina will make her pregnant.

If the sperm does not drop inside the vagina then what are the chances that the girl will be pregnant?

The woman can still get pregnant

If sperm gets on the outside of the vagina can a woman get pregnant?

If it does not manage to make its way to the inside there is not a chance that she will get pregnant.

Where do you find the vagina when you are inside a woman?

AnswerYou have found the vagina if you are inside the woman.

Does a man have to be inside for a women to become pregnant?

No. A man does not have to be inside for a woman to get pregnant. There is such thing as a pregnant virgin. If a man ejaculates on a woman, there is a chance that the sperm will travel (even through clothes) and end up in the woman's vagina and fertilizing an egg, causing the woman to get pregnant.

Does the sperm have to be all the way in the vagina to get pregnant?

Not only in the vagina but it has to swim up to meet the egg far up inside the woman.

What are the main things to do to get woman pregnant?

The main things are:practicing intercourse sexselecting the woman fertility periodejaculating inside the vagina

What are the risks of getting pregnant from semen on your stomach?

There are none unless it immediately goes inside the woman's vagina.

Can a woman be pregnant if the sperm of the man drop on her front but not inside of the vagina?

If it's close enough to the vagina, the possibility of pregnancy is still there, but chances are low.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you rubbed her vagina with your hands?

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

Can a woman in a jacuzzi with a man get pregnant?

Not unless he ejaculates inside of her or insert semen into her vagina some other way.

Can biting on a breast cause pregnancy?

No. The only way to make a woman pregnant is to get a man's semen inside her vagina.

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