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Generally, Yes But, there are rare occasions when the sperm fertilises the egg while it is still in the fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy.

Sperm has to enter the vagina for a woman to become pregnant unless she is being artificially inseminated clinically, or having IVF treatment.

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No, all that is necessary is that semen get into the vagina. If the man pulls out and actually reaches climax outside the vagina, but semen gets inside, the woman can still get pregnant, or any disease he may be carrying.

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Q: Do men need to climax inside vagina for the woman to get pregnant?
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Can a woman be pregnant if the sperm of the man drop on her front but not inside of the vagina?

If it's close enough to the vagina, the possibility of pregnancy is still there, but chances are low.

Where is the woman?

inside of the vagina

Does a women become pregnant if a guy kisses her in the neckin the neck?

The only way for a woman to get pregnant with a man is if his sperm end up inside her vagina. So no.

Can a woman get pregnant if boy touch her vagina using hand?

on the vagina and washed off, I doubt it. Inside the vagina is what it takes.

What goes inside the woman to become pregnant?

I'm assuming "panis" is misspelled and supposed to say "penis". so, first off, the penis is the male reproductive organ. women do not have penises. in contrast, they have vaginas. during sexual intercourse the penis is inserted in the vagina. at the point of climax, the penis ejaculates semen which will then enter the woman's vagina. semen contains sperm cells that attach and enters the women's eggs, providing she is ovulating. the sperm's interaction with the eggs is what causes a woman to get pregnant.

What hole should be penetrated to make a woman pregnant?

Penetration would occur in the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if you cum on her vagina?

There are a series of variables that involved, but generally it'd be very hard to get pregnant by cumming on a woman's vagina. The main reason this is so is because the distance to get to the womb has been vastly increased, and that a woman's "wet" is very basic (the opposite of acidic) and it will kill sperm very easily.A woman's vagina is like this in the first place to prevent infection from pathogens such as bacterial agents and fungus.Nevertheless, if a man has cum part ways inside a woman, there is still a risk of the woman falling pregnant and it would be recommended to monitor whether the woman is pregnant and take subsequent action.Yes, she could get pregnant from this. The sperm can travel up the vagina and to the egg. They can then fertilise the egg.

Can blood from a womans vagina after sex kill sperm inside the vagina if any sperm were present?

No, blood will not kill any sperm inside a woman's vagina. At most, the flow will flush out the remaining sperm over time, but do not plan on it. However, if you had unprotected sex you could get pregnant.

Is there another way to get pregnant?

Other than traditional intercourse, you can get pregnant by invitro fertilization, where a doctor would mix sperm and eggs and place them inside the uterus or by inserting sperm into the woman's vagina via another method.

Does a female lubricate if she is pregnant?

Yes, her vagina will lubricate if she's aroused. You can have sex with a pregnant woman normally, just like you would have with a non-pregnant woman. It doesn't harm the baby.

Can woman get pregnant if man ejaculated sperm in her vagina?

Yes. That's how pregnancy works!

Can a woman get pregnant if the sperm is injected through hands?

No only if the sperm enters the vagina