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If the sperm is in the vagina then you can get a girl pregnant. If the sperm only hits the outside then it is not very likely that she will get pregnant.

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2013-02-18 19:19:12
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Q: How soon can you woman get pregnant after the sperm hit the vagina?
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How many days before woman becomes pregnant?

as soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg

How can you go about getting pregnant?

You can become pregnant about 8 days from having your period. Its a better time to ensure you become pregnant. Also, you should be the one laying down when your partner ejaculates into your vagina to ensure that his sperm is well inside, but if you are on top of him while he does, its less likely to happen as the sperm can flow out of the vagina easier. Try refraning from going to the bathroom as soon as you both have ended intercourse. That way the sperm can properly get inside you.

How a male sperm enters vagina of woman?

The male sticks his Penis in the females vagina and humps.... And his testicles hold and make the sperms, and as he humps the female, sperms enter inside the vagina, and sooner or later the female grows a baby to give birth soon.

Can a boy who hasn't fully gone through puberty get a girl pregnant?

A boy can begin to get a woman pregnant as soon as he makes viable sperm. This begins before he has finished puberty, but at a slightly different time for each guy.

How soon does a woman become pregnant?

A woman can become pregnant in a few hours. This process can also take a few days. This depends on the woman and her eggs.

What hppens if sperm goes on your body?

If the sperm goes in a girl's body, they will get pregnant soon. but if in a guy's body, i dont know. lol :)

How soon can a woman know she is pregnant?

=about 2weeks after it happens kay o.=

How soon after intercourse can a woman get sypmtoms if she is pregnant?

One to two weeks.

How soon can a woman know she is pregnant before the pregnancy test?

you cant.

What is the stuff that comes out of your penis?

Sperm and Spermicides which are little creatures used to reproduce when they are ejected into a vagina. Unless it yellow then thats pee:) Semen and sperm cells, spermicides are creams used to kill the sperm during sex. When you first start ejaculating, that's what it's called, it may just be seminal fluid with no sperm but they will develop soon which means you can get a girl pregnant. So don't.

How is old is to old for a woman to become pregnant?

as soon as she stops producing eggs

How soon after sex can a woman know if she's pregnant?

You should wait fourteen days after intercourse to determine if you are pregnant.

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