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If ex husband is now paying child support but was not in the past for 2 years and barely seeing his kids can your new husband adopt your kids?


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your old husband would have to agree and you would have to go to court


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That might depend on where you live. The safest answer is to check it out with your lawyer or the courts.

Yes! Your child is yours forever, they are not the ones getting married. The only way you will not be paying child support is if you sign away your rights and her new husband adopts your children. Is this really worth you never seeing your child again?

No. Child support, visitation and custody are three separate issues in court. And that also means you can not deny him to see his child if there is a court order for visitation. The child is not allowed to choose until he is 18yo. It's the parents job to make sure the court orders are followed.

You can turn to the court for that, only they can do this. If he has not paid child support in 3 years you should have turned to the court 3 years ago. Paying child support is not a choice and they can take it straight out of his wagers.

Husband need pay only if weight of heart is more than 4 sheckles and 6 pence. Seeing if you feed him and make heart grow.

No she cannot. If the court order needs to be changed it has to be done in the court where it was issued. She is breaking the court order if she is trying to stop him from seeing his child or the child from seeing the parent. Child support and visitation are two separate issues.

Not legally. If this happens, file a motion in court to compel the other parent to honor the visitation order.

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No, it is not the child's fault, they still need the bonding effects of both parents. The other parent although not paying support is still subject to pay other bills until you can get them to court, which would also clear up the issue of keeping the child from the other.

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If your husband has broken off the affair with the mistress then your husband should do the right thing and pay child support, but that does not mean you have to accept the child into the family. If the mistress does not want the child then it is up to you whether you want to help to raise that child. If your husband is still seeing his mistress then pack his bags and kick him out and either file for a separation or divorce.

NO! Call they child support agency and find out why he stopped it and actually I don't think he can. Unless you have joint custody and placement he has to pay that is every states law. But do not use him not paying child support to withold your child you can be held in contempt of court. Those are two separate issues. That is right, He cannot just stop paying. and I agree, do not use money to withold your child from seeing him. It will only hurt your child and then come back on you.

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Can a mother still keep her child from seeing the father even if he doesn't pay child support?"

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