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"My penis"

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โˆ™ 2010-06-28 07:45:24
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Q: If girl asks to boy what do you like in her then what answer should be given?
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Should you smack the living daylights out of this girl you like?

Even if she asks you to smack the living daylights out of her you should not do it.

If a girl asks who you like and you like her should you tell her?

AnswerJust tell the truth. Go right out and tell her that you like her.

If the girl you like asks you who you like should you tell her it is her?

yes because if you tell her you like her then maybe ya'll will go together

If a girl asks you who do you like does that mean they like you?

No, because what if the boy asks a guy and what if the girls asks a girl? So the answer is no, but it depends on how the person will look when asking the question.

Who pays for pictures if girl asks boy to prom?

the boy should that's gentlemen like

What does it mean when a girl asks you if you like one her friends then she asks if you like another one of her her friends?

it possibly means that the girl likes YOU!

What questions should you ask the girl you like?

the best questions to ask her are the ones she asks you these will tell you a lot about her

What should you do if a girl you like asks you to do something?

do it straight away but 4 a price going out wiv u.

If the girl that you like asks a mutual guy friend if you still like her what does it mean?

it probably means she likes you and you should say something to her

What are you supposed to say when a girl asks you what you like about her?

If you can't give her an honest answer, then maybe you should just tell her you don't like anything about her.

What does it mean if a guy tells a girl that asks him if he likes you for you that he doesn't like you?

mabey you should just ask yourself...

Does a guy like a girl if he asks her to study with him?


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