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If griffins were real, their wings would be for decorative purposes only; nothing built like that could actually fly.So, while it's generally pointless to try to answer questions like "if this thing that couldn't happen did happen, what would happen?" in this case I think we can make the strong argument that they'd be more like cats.

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Griffins, being mythical creatures, do not have established behaviors based on real-world animals. However, based on their depiction as a combination of lion and eagle, it is unlikely they would use a litter box like a cat. They may more likely relieve themselves on the fly like a bird.

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Q: If griffins were real would they use a litter box like a cat or let go on the fly like a bird?
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What do griffins like to do?

In Greek myth, guard gold.

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If you mean characters like peter griffin and all that then in a tv world Yes,but if you mean REAL Griffins umm i dont think griffins are real but if they were i dont think they woould live at Rhode island

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No it is mythological like unicorns, griffins, etc. etc.

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Griffins, like most creatures, are not inherently good or evil. They are construed as one or the other based on their relations with humans. There are different legends about griffins. Griffins are large creatures with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. Since lion is the king of animals and eagle the king of birds, the griffin is supposed to a very magestic and powerful creature. Griffins were mainly used to guard treasures. In other legends, griffins were used to travel from places which are far off. Other than that, Griffins have a heavy affinity towards human flesh. Griffins don't attack unless provoked. In popular culture : Griffins were mentioned in the Harry Potter series & in the series Merlin, a griffin, hungry for human flesh appears, which could be killed using a magical sword.

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Griffins are typically portrayed as diurnal creatures, meaning they are active during the day and sleep at night like most animals. However, mythical creatures like griffins can have varying behaviors depending on the folklore or story they are featured in.

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