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Growing taller after puberty (18-25 years old) is impossible without surgery or a defective pituitary gland. However, growing shorter after puberty is common, if not universal. In short, the only way to change height dramatically after puberty is through surgical procedure to lengthen the lower leg.

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Q: If growing taller was possible at any age can shrinking be possible at any age too?
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How to stop growing taller?

There is no way to stop growing taller. You will stop growing usually around the age of 18.

When do females stop growing taller?

females stop growing taller at the age of eighteen years

At what age does a boy stop growing taller?

At 25 years old

At what age do maltipoos stop growing?

Almost all dogs have stopped growing taller at one year.

Do you stop growing taller then before if you start growing a mustache at age 13?

Dude that's so totally awsome!

Can height growing is possible after age 27?

No, you are done growing.

How does age change your attiude?

your growing so when you are growing you get taller and when you get taller and your age number gets higher you are becoming a big kid in your school then you learn more things then next thing you know it i don't know sorry.

What Age when girls stop growing taller?

it depends on the person but it can sometimes be from 15 - 18

Im 15 years old im 5 foot 6 i went throw puberty and i stopped growing taller now i play plenty of sport im taller than both or my parents is there anyway i could grow any taller?

At 15-years-old it is unlikely you have finished growing yet. It is possible you will have another growth spurt before you reach 20-years-old. That is the age you are likely to have finished growing.

At what age do girls stop getting taller?

Most girls stop getting taller around the ages of 14-17. At what age you stop growing depends on you genes and other factors in your environment.

Will you grow any taller than what you are at age thirteen and four feet eleven inches?

Most people do not stop growing at age 13, so it's extremely probable that you will become taller.

Do your bones grow as you get older or do they stop growing at a certain age?

yes because then you would not get taller.

I am 22 of age I want to grow tall 4 to 5 inches in 2 yearswill I grow taller How?

The average age when girls stop growing is between 16 to 17, and the average age when boys stop growing is 18 to 19. However it is possible, some people continue to grow until their mid-twenties.

How do you know when your done growing?

When you start shrinking! :) Actually you can assume growth stops around the age of 25.

Can you grow taller after 22 years old?

Most people stop growing after age 17, and nearly all have stopped growing after age 18-19. Anyone who is still growing at age 22 probably has some kind of growth disorder, such as acromegaly.

How does food not make you taller?

1) It doesn't make you taller than the maximum which your DNA (heredity) calls for. 2) It doesn't make you taller after a certain age, when you've stopped growing in height.

When will i stop growing I'm 14?

You will keep growing until about the age of 20 that depends on whether you are small right now or taller. if your small you probably will continue growing (vise-versa)

To what age does a boy's height increase?

Most people usually stop growing after a certain age. The age most women usually stop growing is 21 while for men it is 25. That is it occurs shortly after puberty. However, these calculations are not unchangeable. For women until 25 and for men until 27 to 30 it is possible to continue growing through certain physical activities, exercises, right diet, and other things which are important for human body's growth. These activities make growing taller possible even for those people whose heights have stopped growing ago.

Is there any possible way proven or not to stop growing at the age of 13 im already 13 and 5'7 please help?

No, there is no possible way proven to stop growing at the age of 13.

Can girls grow taller after turning eighteen?

18 as the "age of adulthood" is entirely arbitrary and has no biological basis. Your body typically does not finish "growing" until you are in your twenties. So yes, it's possible to grow taller after turning 18. By the time you are 30, however, you're probably done.

Does drinking milk every day make you taller?

If you are in your growing age when HGH are high, but it won't be the milk that causes it.

Can you grow taller at age 16?

Yes. In most cases, you can keep growing until you're aged 21.

Is it possible to grow taller than 5 feet 2 at age 14 as a boy?


Can you grow taller at age 23 years or after?

It ias not impossible but it will be very little as most scientist believe you reach the end of your growing years by the age of 18

How do you make you grow 2 inches taller in a day?

Not possible. By the time you've reached your teenage years, you will have all-but stopped growing. From the end of puberty to old age - we actually shrink a few millimetres !