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If have to have a password to log in why do you not have to log out?


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2012-07-06 20:28:07
2012-07-06 20:28:07

Well Its Simple Really. When U Log In You have already Verified that You are the owner of the account. And to have to put another password would be too much trouble anyways I myself see no use of having to put in a password twice


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A log in password is a secret word or phrase to secure your files on the computer.

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To log on to your Toshiba laptop after you have forgotten your password, you will need a boot CD and a password remover.

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To log into the Ameritrade website, you will need a username and password. You would insert your username and password by typing them into the appropriate boxes on the log in page, then click the log in button to log on.

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to log in you first type in your username and then your password

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