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I bet I have typed this 100 times. Any time sperm come into contact with the vagina in or around a preg. could occur.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-31 03:46:05
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Q: If he cumed on you then you put it with your finger in your vagina could you be pregnant?
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You rubbed your Penis on her vagina and pre-cumed is she pregnant?

Its quite possible to get pregnant this way. Use protection please.

You are on the pill and had protected sex but the condom broke either while inside of you or right when cumed and was by your vagina could you be pregnant?

If any sperm are anywhere near the vagina, you can get pregnant. I have a 30 year old to prove it (no penetration).

What if your dog cumed in me I will be pregnant?


How soon can i get pregnant if he cumed in me?


Can you get pregnant if the condom rips and he cumed?


Could you be pregnant if you had your period on the 17 of Nov on a 33 day cycle And you had sex on the 4th of December and he cumed in you with nothing for protection?

yes, you could.

You are you pregnant if you had your period the day after your boyfriend cumed in you?

If you were pregnant you shouldn't have your period However just in case I suggest you wait a couple weeks (after your period) and get an over the counter pregnancy test just to be sure

Your boyfriend cumed in you are you pregnant?

you will not know you are pregnant until you have missed a period and have taken a pregnancy test that says you are pregnant. not always will a woman get pregnant when a man ejaculates inside of her. it all has to do with the timing of when it happened. a woman has to be ovulating when it happens which means her body is making a new egg.

If your on birth control and a guy has cumed inside you and your cramping can you be pregnant?

Cramping isn't a sign of pregnancy, but it may be a sign of infection. If you're having pain, see your health care provider for an exam. If you think you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test.

How do you know when you cumed?

Bodily fluids will come out of where ever u urinate

Why does the molten electrolyte contin cryolite?

because it cumed all over your mum

You are 14 and has not started your period and you slept with a boy age 10 who you think has not started pubity could you be pregnant?

um its very unlikely. if he cumed then its possible because his sperm may have went in you. that's very clever using at 10 year old boy! anymore questions e-mail me @

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